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My work area lies beneath a cathedral ceiling twenty feet high with skylight. It was here that I would lay out all of the individual background fabrics for each suit. The creation of one piece would bring inspiration regarding another and so I would move from one to the other like a bee in a flower garden.

In this way I was able to give each suit a look of continuity and make sure that all issues relating to each were symbolically represented by either the human figure(s) portrayed, by the images, shapes, and colors surrounding them, or by the card's border.

I worked so intensely on this project. Nearly every day and night was completely devoted to making sure each piece was true to itself while fitting in with the rest of its suit. It was only after I had completed each suit that Monte would write down the meanings and stories he saw in each piece to "illustrate" my art with his words.

The Enchanted Tarot is currently completely out of stock, but is being reprinted, updated and repackaged in a beautiful new kit by Quarto Publishing for Fall 2017. Stay tuned!

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