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Music and Meditations

Multi-medium, psychic astrologer, tarot scholar, musician, and prolific author, Monte Farber shares his beautiful, original Music & Meditations for your listening pleasure. Enjoy an array of tracks that hold the energy of healing and hope with an inspirational attitude and feel - music and meditations filled with soothing stress relief and comfort for your heart and soul.

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One Minute Chakra Tune-Up

Take a minute to tune up your Chakras with Monte Farber, music by Luigi G. Colarullo: Quick Chakra Tune-Up

Seven Minute Chakra Cleanse

Start your day with Monte Farber's 7 chakra-specific meditations, music by Luigi G. Colarullo: 7 Minute Healing Chakra Cleanse

Myoho-renge-kyo Mantra

Mantra meditations create a powerful alchemy of body and mind. They have been used throughout the centuries and it is believed that the sacred power of words and the accompanying sounds in mantra aid in spiritual progression. Our deepest prayer is for you to find fulfillment in cultivating loving-kindness, compassion, joy, serenity, patience, and courage.

Quantumplaytion for Success

Here is a free offering of inspiring music and Monte's voice guiding you through a specially designed Quantumplaytion for Success - a super-charged visualization that uses his Quantum Affirmations technique - to help you to create your new success reality. We are excited to share this powerful creation with you and hope you will join us in exploring the ”Miracle in Your Mind!”


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The Flow

Our group THE FLOW 1972 - was a heavy psychedelic cult music favorite! Pete Fine (guitars, vocals, synthesizer), Monte Farber (bass, vocals), Steve Starer (drums) The Flow was the spiritually seeking, vegetables-only and marijuana-fueled cross between the guitar virtuosity and psychedelic intensity of Cream, Mountain, and The Jimmy Hendrix Experience and the free form improvisational jams of The Grateful Dead and Phish. We now have a cult following as our record has been re-released in Europe! Downloads available through the following music services: Or buy the vinyl!

Good Karma

Music by Monte Farber Produced & Arranged by Phil Markowitz Recorded at Hillside Sound Studio by Daegal Bennett Phil Markowitz – piano and all keyboards Ted Moore – percussion on Children of The Sun and Let it Flow Joe Bonadio – drums on Children of The Sun Monte Farber - vocals © 2011Monte Farber (BMI) in association with Sha-La Music, Robert Allen, President Mr. Farber sings in a resonant, melodious voice sometimes reminiscent of Donovan. Inspiration for his songs stem particularly from Mr.Farber's interest in astrology and social change (“We're coming into a new age, and that's really important part of my music”). “Children of the Sun” was written to serve as a programatic musical backdrop for one of his wife's tapestries.” - The New York Times Album • 10 SONGS • 56 MINUTES •  06:17 Choose Your Preferred Music Service: Soundcloud: Pandora: Amazon Spotify Apple Music:

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