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As the world is shifting and rapidly changing, hopefully towards more spiritual way of thinking and being, the fashion world is shifting right along with it. Spirituality means being consciously concerned with things of the spirit—about issues of universal metaphysical meaning.

Being spiritual is pondering, wondering about, and exploring the deeper aspects of reality, energy and laws of nature. True fashion is an expression of art and of personal identity. In my work I’ve merged together spirituality and fashion. What does fashion have to do with spirituality? Spirituality is the process of feeling good, being compassionate and loving, and of realizing the divine essence of who you are and what you want to be. Spirituality makes you feel beautiful, as your heart is open and you radiate positive energy. It’s no secret that people are turning within, seeking a new level of inner peace, and it’s beginning to show up in their choice of clothing, jewelry, and accessories for their body and their home. Fashion is more than just clothes, and can lift your spirit with love, color and energy, in the same way. Fashion can, and is, superficial for a lot of people. But in its purest form, fashion can also be inspirational. Creative expression is spiritual…so fashion and adornment, too, can be a way to know and show your soul. I have studied metaphysics for several decades and have written many popular books and oracles with my husband, Monte Farber, so there is a lot of symbolism in my designs. All of my fashions are made with love, creativity and innovation to accentuate the beauty of the woman’s true essence, designed to evoke magical powers to lift your spirits and flatter your figure. Combining line, texture and form, metaphysics, plus my gift for intuitive readings of people, I work to create power pieces that embody dreams and magic.

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