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In the tradition of the elite haute couture houses, Amy also creates special commissions for clients who desire the most luxurious of designer fashion experiences. Some customers fall in love with a specific piece in one of Amy’s collections, while others select a favorite silhouette, style, and story.

She will interview them, tuning into their soul essence, and then incorporate the colors, symbols and energies that will convey the spirit of their inner landscape. The special order is then meticulously fitted and expertly tailored, and the end result is a beautiful, timeless, keepsake garment that enhances and embodies the wearer’s unique persona.

"Often, the path I follow in creating a custom jacket or coat is threefold: first, the interview, with artist and client together, is essential in facilitating an understanding of the inner landscape for the soul essence of my subject. What times and places in history are you drawn to? What colors, symbols and energies do you respond to? What is your intention and what energy would you like this piece to evoke: love, peace, abundance, protection, confidence.... ? What are your favorite symbols: angels, cats, spirals, birds, butterflies, etc....? This exploration process is not only exhilarating but necessary in order to call forth one’s powers of imagination and vision to aid in facilitating an understanding of the inner landscape for the soul essence of my subject. I often also use the astrology chart of my client.

Once understanding takes place, the second path I walk is made easier— that of searching and collecting the special treasures with which

I create my Goddess Couture. The materials I use in my work are rare, precious and difficult to come by—from hand-painted and dyed fabrics, antique ribbons and trims, vintage textiles and appliques to beads and embellishments. These are treasures I have gathered from all over the world—French high fashion fabrics, 18th century English brocades, Japanese kimonos. I incorporate the many symbols, patterns, colors and textures in these exotic elements, as well as amulets and talismans, to convey the many layers and complexities of life and nature.

Finally, the third leg of my journey is a process of deep meditation on my subject—the result of which, I sincerely hope, is the creation of a truly unique and personal one-of-a-kind work of art, a “life tapestry” if you will, meant not only to be worn or displayed but to promote healing and fill one’s spirit with hope, courage and joy. My Wearable Worlds—your Wearable World—is designed through its visual symbolism to evoke the beautiful possibility of life well lived." - Amy Zerner

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