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Are you enough?

Are you enough? You know what I mean; are you enough for your partner or does s/he feel deprived? If you don't have a partner or even if you do, are you enough for you or do you feel like you're lacking in some important way(s)? Is it your partner who doesn't feel like s/he's enough for you?

Any of these permutations is an obstacle to happiness and if there are children in your house, too, then it's even more important that you answer the above questions. They want you and any other adult that they live with to be enough so they can experiment with being too much.

So, how do you get to feel like you're enough for you? It's important that you do that first, before you start in on anyone else for not being enough for you. Why? Because if you feel like you're enough for you, you're together enough for anyone else. So, if you have one, your partner should feel like you're enough. If not, you may need to make drastic changes in your living arrangements.

I know it's hard to feel like you're enough, especially with all the sorrows of Neptune in Pisces that have really hit a new high since January of this year, and not just here in America. We've been living through a genuine depression for the last eight or nine years and most people are just hanging on financially, no matter what the liars in government and in the media want you to believe about the illusory unicorn "recovery."

So here in the USA there are many too young to remember that those big malls and big box stores that are now either vacant or who usually have only a handful of customers used to be filled with shoppers and it's not just because of online shopping. No one has any money, except a lucky few who don't want to think how so many other people are having sleepless nights over money. And the limousine liberals deal with their guilt by going all in on any politician who promises to give, give, give stuff to the poor suffering masses, so that they don't have to do it. I may be wrong on that one, but that seems to be the only explanation. If you have another one, I'd love to hear it.

And how have our feckless "leaders" dealt with their inability to restart the US economy? They've wimped out and their main method has been to support the paradigm shift from the US's traditional, at least back when I was young, motto of "If some is good, more is better," to "Do you really need to buy that (or anything?)" If it wasn't for EBT cards there would be bread lines and food riots, so let's pray they have no more computer glitches with them.

When I played music there was a club called "The Lone Star Cafe" on Fifth Avenue and Twelfth Street (13th?) and it had a twenty foot lizard sculpture on the roof and a billboard that said "Too much ain't enough!" Now do you see what I mean about how the paradigm has shifted?

My paradigm has shifted from then, too, don't get me wrong. As a matter of fact, today, July 4th, 2016, marks my 35th anniversary of sobriety, though I never drank (you get the picture). I didn't think I was enough so I tried to fill myself with substances that supposedly would make me "high." What a bunch of bullshit. I almost lost Amy and when she said that, I stopped. Because she was and is enough, as I am enough for her. That's the way it's supposed to be, right?

So, are you enough? If you don't feel like you're enough in some way, or if you're using drugs, drink, promiscuity, rigidity or some other kind of desperate attempt to feel like you're enough or you have enough, then I invite you to join us here on the other side of feeling that way. It's not easy, at first, to give up your training wheels, no matter what form they appear in, but I can promise you that you are doing yourself no favors by doing the same old same old and expecting that you can do that forever, despite your aging and changing circumstances.

Why not just say no, which I thought was a dumb expression but it turns out to be the way I stopped, and make today your Independence Day, too. Why should you? Because you're enough. I know it and I hope you know it, too; if not now, you will.

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