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feel that it is REAL, that you are IN THAT FUTURE

The whole premise of my QUANTUM AFFIRMATIONS technique is based on the quantum mechanics concept of "probable futures." If that sounds ridiculous and improbable or impossible then I will quote one of the Original Gangster quantum physicists, Neils Bohr, who said, "If quantum mechanics hasn't profoundly shocked you, you haven't understood it yet.” And if you STILL think you're being scientifically skeptical then lets go even further back in science history to Sir Thomas Huxley, an early supporter of Darwin when that was not a fashionable thing to be. He said, "I'm too much a skeptic not to believe than anything is possible.” Probable futures are not pro-babble. Implied in each and every moment are probable futures based on what is, what was, and what you believe in. Character is destiny. It may sound beyond belief to think that there are multiple futures possible for you to move through time towards, but that is what I believe and I have had it proved to me in my life that this is true, it underlies the truth that "miracles do happen.” Quantum Physics postulates that time may run backwards, too, which is, to me, the explanation underlying the phenomenon of spontaneous healing. You somehow get your present moment in time space hooked up to a probable/possible past where you did not have the genetic predisposition and/or the circumstances to have what has been "spontaneously" healed. I'm not saying it's easy but I'm saying it is an explanation for the spontaneous healing that has been documented by doctors and scientists. So, how do we get to this future that we all sense is out there waiting to be chosen in some way and not the futures that so many seem to be envisioning at this most unstable and fear-producing time in our lifetimes? We do so by using the same Quantum Affirmations technique that I hope you have been using to bring your life to your desired probable future. We do it before we go to sleep and we do it when we wake up. If it occurs to you, you can, of course do it in your waking hours but it isn’t necessary. Step 1) What do you want? Seems easy enough, we want to go to the probable future where science has advanced a cure and politicians have fine-tuned their actions and over-reactions to the point where life is much more "normal," whatever that is, and we are free to move about the cabin of our lives. REMEMBER, your future is YOUR FUTURE, it's the only one you can do anything about. Don't let anyone dissuade you from at least trying my technique if you're up for it. Remember what Einstein said, "Time is the resistance to everything happening at the same time," and to me, that includes all the probable futures and pasts that are possible to each individual unit of reality - now that is a spacious reality! Actually, we can breeze through Step 2) Why do you want what you want? We've all had quite a bit of the present reality. Step 3) Identifying our gift can be dealt with quickly, too. If you're reading this and a member of my Quantum Affirmations free Facebook group, then your gift is your ability to use the technique and so Step 4) Blend your Gift with your Goal, is easy! Know that every time you visualize yourself in your mind's eye experiencing this new desired future to include the good stuff from your old past, feel that it is REAL, that you are IN THAT FUTURE where things are no longer like a bad Sci Fi movie and that even if it still is a bit like that, at least YOU KNOW THE ENDING and it is a relatively happy ending! Step 5 is to DO YOUR QUANTUMPLAYTION, create a Movie in Your Mind where you see yourself, feel yourself, and be yourself in this probable future. How will you be? Well, the good stuff is pretty obvious but, as anyone who knows my Quantum Affirmations technique knows, you have to see the "negative" or "bad" stuff, too. I'll give you one obvious thing that will be different in this wonderful new probable future: YOU WILL NEVER EVER THINK THAT YOU CAN JUST GO BLITHELY ALONG LIVING LIKE LIFE IS NOT A BATTLE AND THAT PEOPLE TRYING TO TELL YOU ABOUT THE POSSIBILITY OF THE SHIT HITTING THE FAN AND TRYING TO GET YOU TO MAKE YOUR BASE SECURE AND PREPARE FOR A RAINY DAY ARE ALARMISTS, CONSPIRACY NUTS, and just trying to say shit because it might be true someday. That’s a big one. Another negative is that you're going to know that you could die any minute from a horrible disease that has no cure so in our probable future we will listen to scientist who tell us we have to be prepared for this crap. When visualizing this probable future, see, feel and be in this time when we are all changed and putting our lives back together. See it, say it, feel it. It’s not going to be easy though it is going to easier than what we’re experiencing now and A LOT easier than the future that others may arrive in who don’t join us in Quantum Affirming the kind of future we all know we can and should and WILL be living in. We can’t just say “So mote it be” or anything else, we have to WORK OUR QUANTUM AFFIRMATION TECHNIQUE and not tell anyone we’re doing it, though I guess I just told you I’m doing it, Amy, too.

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