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Want Prosperity? Make Your Base Secure

This image and the natural beauty of this wolf pack's travel organization made me tear up; not sure why. Perhaps it's because I want to be connected to the enlightened self-protective and compassionately logical order of the wolf's world, not to the illogical, suicidal disorder that seems to permeate the news causing so many of us to feel like those whose job it is to protect us are tone deaf, big time dumb, and legally blind to Make Your Base Secure reality, whether they are willfully or not doesn't really matter, it's the horrible effect that their dereliction of duty is having on so many that matters.

But back to the perfectly organized wolf pack, as a man in his sixties who is fit and aware, I'm not sure where in the wolf pack I belong.

My age might put me at it's head and I wouldn't mind not having a bunch of wolf butts in my face even if it meant fighting an attacker alone until the head five strongest wolves unit got to me and helped what was left of me to tear the attacker to shreds (sorry, that's what wolves do, good wolves and bad wolves).

As a former bodyguard I wouldn't mind being in the five strongest wolves units, front or rear, though I'm sure their braggadocio and male bonding antics would annoy me constantly. They'd probably go on and on about wolf sports, yuch!

As someone who has been lucky enough to find my soulmate, however, I now realize that I would be in the main group with the females and young, forever walking right next to my love, and if the rest of the wolves didn't like it, including the Alpha male, I would invite them to kiss my furry wolf ass.

Hmmm. Does that make me the Alpha? No, I think not because my most fervent wish is that I never have to walk my path without my love. May we come to be lead by altruistic Alphas. As the Book of T'ao says, "One who would lead must follow all." If wolves can do it, we can do it.

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