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Trouble sleeping? Forgive!

Trouble sleeping? You're not alone! Over seven MILLION Americans take sleeping pills according to the CDC & that was of 2010. More now, especially with the failed economy, leadership vacuum and the presidential election.

First, forgive everyone for everything! You can start off by saying it in your mind as your desire to forgive everyone for everything but that is going to trigger plenty of resistance from the grudges you think you’re entitled to carry around with you. That’s great, because that’s how you can become aware of them, especially the ones that have become buried so deeply into your awareness that, paradoxically, you are not aware of them!

I'm not saying become a saint, I'm saying if you want to fall asleep easily try my method bc it works! Forgive as you drift off. Each of us can well afford to forgive everyone for everything so go ahead and start with forgiving yourself for everything you’ve done and haven’t done.

Forgive your parents and the rest of your family and friends and everyone! Forgive the murderers and the other maniacs who’ve forgotten that we are all simple human beings, children of parents just like them, babies needing love and nurturing and forgiveness as we grow – and that’s one of the points of this exercise, we need forgiveness and to forgive the way we need to eat and sleep. Compassion is the real Vitamin “C.”

And here's another technique in TWEETABLE bites!

I have a couple of methods for falling asleep that always work & since it's late I'll share 1 with the insomniacs out there. Ready?

  1. I guess you have to save this info somehow since you're going to be doing this sleep technique lying down. OK, lie down! ;-)

  2. Take 3 slow deep luxurious breaths in and then out. If you're lucky that will help you sleep right there but wait, there's more!

  3. Now realize that you are not your name, you are a soul traveling onward, a spirit in flesh, you are not your name.

  4. Keep breathing slowly & evenly as you realize that the essential "you" of you is really not your name. You are a soul learning.

  5. You'll be surprised when you "get it" that you are not your name, you may fall asleep right there. But if not, Step 2 is for you!

  6. Realize that you are not what you do for a living, you are a spirit in flesh, a soul growing and moving onward, keep breathing.

  7. Release your identification with what you do for a living as you have released your attachment to your name.

  8. Don't worry about a thing.

  9. If you're not asleep by then, it's time for Step 3. You are not what your senses are telling you every second, time to shut 'em down!

  10. You can shut your senses off as you wish or you can simply relax starting with your toes and work your way up.

You will fall asleep!!!

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