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How my imagination creates my psychic ability

When you are asking your psychic ability to come out and play, you must first get past the tendency to think that what you find yourself “feeling,” “hearing,” even “smelling,” “tasting,” or “seeing” things in what William Shakespeare so perfectly called your “mind’s eye” is “just” your imagination (sorry for all of the quotation marks!) My experience has shown me that my way of learning how to do psychic readings has been my ever increasing ability to listen to my intuition, but even more so my ability to listen to my imagination. My imagination gives me an inner version of all the sensations I am capable of in the “real” world and then I use my intuition to assign values to those sensations. You can see the image of a person entering an airplane, but unless you use your intuition, you won’t know if that is something they should or shouldn’t be doing. I call the combination of the two, using my intuition to help decipher the symbols and senses of my imagination, my “psychic imagination.”

I believe that the prevailing view of imagination - that it is something we activate with our will when we have to solve a problem, be creative, or when we finally find the time to daydream - is not even half the truth of our imagination’s wisdom, power, and usefulness for making our daily lives more enjoyable and wonderful. Day in and day out, our psychic imagination is speaking to us in the only language it understands, symbols and feelings, and what we have to do is learn how to listen and, occasionally, to speak to it. It wants to help us. I am looking forward to the psychic readings that I have booked for today!

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