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A meditation to ask for guidance from your guardian ancestor

A meditation to ask for guidance from your guardian ancestor:

* Find a quiet space where you can be alone in front of the altar.

* Sit comfortably with your back straight, either against a chair or on the ground.

* Make sure that you are breathing slowly and deeply into your solar plexus.

* As you breathe follow your breath right down into the lower part of your solar plexus and release any tension.

* Call upon your ancestor to send his or her light and essence to you.

* Imagine this light becoming more powerful, more real with each breathe; let it brighten your aura and continue to spread throughout your body.

* Imagine you are standing under a shower of light as clear pure water, coming down through the top of your head, and then washing throughout your body.

* When you feel that your body has connected with the ancestral light, call upon them with a simple prayer: ‘I ask that my true ancestral guiding spirit to come forward now to show me their power and protection to guide me in my current life at this time.’

* Imagine that as you are bathing in this light. You will begin to sense a presence around your body.

* Ask your ancestor for insights into a problem that currently preoccupies you. Ask them to open your heart and mind to new perspectives on how to deal with it.

* Continue to breathe deeply and allow your mind to flow with your guardian spirit.

* To close down take a deep breath and thank your ancestor for coming to connect with you.

* Allow the light to be released from your body back into the sky.

* Wiggle your toes and clench your fists to awaken out of the meditation.

* Give thanks.

- From "Spirit of The Ancestors Oracle Kit," by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber

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