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Heaven help us help ourselves

Gee whiz, am I being ungrateful? For the astro curious, there is a loose Grand Trine forming in space around Earth as the Sun (purpose, ego) on the 16th degree of Virgo gets closer to being in trine (120 degrees, the "made in the shade" aspect, lucky or lazy, you being the determining factor) in trine aspect to Uranus (REvolution, Freedom, Disrupt, Shake things up!)REtrograde on the 19th degree of Taurus, which is, in turn, in loose trine aspect to Pluto (transform, whether you want to or not, power struggles) which is also REtrograde and on the 27th degree of Capricorn, dancing perilously close to the USA's birth chart Pluto as we experience our nation's first Pluto return (no empire survives its Pluto return without fundamentally transforming).

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