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... and it's a wild one! As I look at the Astrology Weather Energy Matrix for the coming weeks, with first Saturn and then Pluto following Jupiter in slowing down to appear to be standing still when plotted against the zodiac -they're almost "Stationary" now - and then going Direct, after going Retrograde for several months, when added to the other pieces of the paradigm shift storm we're all presently living our way through, I predict that information formerly "secret," especially to those who refused to see it, will be revealed in such a way and in such a bright light that there will be incontrovertible proof that even the most brain-washed echo chamber dweller will not be able to ignore. I realize that this sounds impossible and I may very well be wrong, something that I am always aware of because I think it makes me a better reader and intuitive. Because I remember that I can be wrong, I end up being correct more than chance, a lot more. Some people will be rocked to their foundations and those who have a hard time admitting that they've been wrong and, even worse, that they've been had, been fed a bunch of bs by people that they trusted (their mistake) will not be happy campers. To call it a game changer is inaccurate, more like the end of games over a return to substance. What that info is and who it is about is another story. I have a feeling that there will be no shortage of Emperors and Empresses with "New Clothes," which in the fable turned out to be no clothes at all. Watch this space for either a victory lap or a humble apology around the "Blue" (2nd full moon in Oct) Full Moon on Halloween. This collage art is yet another spellbinding art piece by my incredibly talented wife, Amy Zerner, who is having an art show, "Goddesses Here and Now," for two weeks Opening October 3rd at MM Gallery in Southampton, NY, with the legendary Audrey Flack, one of the most famous, inspiring and important artists of our time, whose photorealistic masterpiece, "Leonardo's Lady" (1974 - the year Amy and I met!) is currently on view at NYC's Museum of Modern Art. "Goddesses Here and Now" is going to be a legendary show and I hope you get to see it. We will be having it shot for posterity by the amazing musician/videographer Richie Nuzzolese. And, oh yeah, almost forgot, if you like our sensibility and our way of explaining things, check out one of our now more than fifty books, teaching systems, talking boards and stuff like that there. We're very grateful for your support of our work and we try to show it with our posts of Amy's healing art and my "news you can use.

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