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Sacred Time or Scared Times

Who are you? Your authentic self, not your "personality," a word derived from the word for "mask." It's time to do your best, go for the gold, swing for the fences. The Sun (y/our Ego, Purpose) is "trine" (the "good" aspect, 120 degrees, in supposedly harmonious energy flow with) Pluto (our subconscious or is it our super-conscious?) Venus/Leo is "square" (at cross purposes with) Uranus/Taurus, which by itself is usually an invitation to get your freak mask on and explore what love and attraction mean to you but...this ain't no party, this ain't no disco time in world history. Venus is also squaring the childhood trauma comet Chiron. So what's the deal? Meaning: You have to define, defend and transform yourself while loving yourself and how you have not given into the snake pit you could have been expected to crawl into given what you've been through. And you have to do this without resistance to doing what you know is right for you, especially the loving yourself part. This may be one of the over-arching messages and opportunities of this totally messed up paradigm shift sandwich hitting the fan of Covid 19 lockdowns, which I will now predict are going to be seriously rebelled against in the coming weeks and months. Seriously. When I try to boil the craziness down to its essence, the word, "authority," seems to be what's left at the bottom of the beaker. The present planetary mashup of Jupiter, now going direct and headed for conjunctions with Pluto and Saturn and all in Saturn's home sign of Capricorn, seems to me to be calling upon each of us to own our authority like we have never before done so. Amy Zerner and I have worked for over forty years to become Multi-Mediums, authorities in our various metaphysical fitness regimes, and we feel blessed with the confirmation of seeing how tarot is now a "thing," as is astrology and divination systems, aka oracles (Oracles 'R Us!) We are loving our Zoom show, Ask The Oracles with our friend and fellow oracle Jeff Keni Pulver. To paraphrase that Country Western song, we were oracles before oracles were cool. And the same thing is true for you or can be! Now is the time! What were you ahead of your time with? What have you been thinking/saying/feeling/doing for a long time but no one listened to you, maybe even you didn't listen to you? Well, now is the time to own and own up to the fact that you, too, are an oracle and even if you don't want to admit that, you have to admit that this crazy time has actually shown you that some of your crazy intuitions were not wrong but you were ahead of your time. Saturn "rules" time in astrology. Saturn's other name was Chronos, as in Chronometer! So now is the time to realize that yes, you do have the authority of being you. You deserve respect because you are functioning now when we are all seeing beyond doubt that we are on our own and we have to be authorities about what is real and what has happened and what are we going to do to prepare for what we believe is going to happen and we have to do that without our usual "judger-naut," judging ourselves as naught, nothing, less than. We have to be authorities. As the late, truly great (I saw him produce miracles!) Mayan elder Hunbatz Men said to me when I asked him for his blessing for our now collector's item First People's themed talking board, THE PATHFINDER, "Yes, we need it. We have to make thousands of shamans now. We are entering Sacred Times." Sacred Time or Scared Times, it's up to each of us. May all beings know peace, health and a series of ordinary days for the rest of their life (that means no out of the blue paradigm shifts, not a boring life).

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