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Expect a wild and crazy weekend and yes, I do know that things have been wilder and crazier each and every day at least since the lock downs started but hear me out. This weekend, the Sun, which in astrology symbolizes our identity, our ego, our purpose, is in its favorite sign, Leo, and is coming into exact square (90 degree angle, think "at cross purposes with..."), with the planet Uranus, which in astrology represents the "ants in your pants" energy that, when incorporated into your daily life, keeps things fresh, interesting and even exciting, but when resisted leads people to do all kinds of crazy Uranus (asshole) sudden out-of-the-blue moves that upset everyone and everything. As I said, the Sun is in its favorite "rulership" sign of Leo but Uranus is in its least favorite sign, Taurus, a sign that likes things stable and luxurious and wants to live the good life on a yacht, not rock the boat like Uranus is prone to do. So if you encounter disruptive energies this weekend and they're not the disruptive energies you ordered from on high, then you're probably better off not locking horns with any Taurean bullshit and being a proud Leo Lion and going to a place where you can rule without being rebelled against. The good news, and there is always good news, is that sometimes we all need a kick in the butt and a jump start and for reality to remind us that reality trumps our vaunted theories and our belief that "things SHOULD be this way, therefore I'm going to try an force things to be this way." Force not, lest you be forced, is the motto this wild weekend. You have been warned and encouraged to embrace freedom in the truest sense of the word, the kind of freedom that helps you to be free without impinging on anyone else. Wild and crazy surrealist collage by my Uranian genius (yes, Uranus also rules genius!) of a wife, Amy Zerner, who makes art that defies and redefines categorization with each piece she does. Like a true Uranian genius, she makes art like a bee makes honey, it's what she does no matter how she feels that day or no matter how the world responds to her career that day.

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