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Planets in the First House

Here’s more fun stuff from me to help you understand your astrology chart, which you can get free from If you have a planet in the First House, the first slice of pizza in your 12 slice pizza pie of a natal horoscope (the one on the left below the horizontal line - they do have numbers on them, I hope!) then you are a planetary agent! You have that planet's characteristics in your appearance, the way you present yourself, and the way others see you. This also works if you have a planet in your Twelfth House, within ten degrees of your rising sign, give or take. If you have a planet in the First House then you and your relationship with yourself are much more complex than that of most people. SUN If you have the Sun there then you are supposed to be working on yourself so sometimes those who don't know you well can think you're too self-involved. You like to shine at whatever you do so you may not try something where others might see you make missteps. MOON The Moon there means everyone who sees you thinks you're similar in some way to them. The Moon is all about reflection. It makes you a great salesperson. You are sensitive to others even if you don't try to show it. If you're angry people can't handle it bc you're usually so caring. MERCURY You are a dexterous communicator, quick but not looking to get bogged down going too deep (unless you're a caver!) You may have a more wiry build than a person might expect, given your parents bodies. VENUS You're attractive and may even work in a business related to beauty, fashion or making the world a more beautiful place. You are a peacemaker, a lover and not a fighter. MARS You're a fighter, even if you're also a lover, and you're here to show everyone how to get the job done. Even when you think you're at your softest, kindest, gentlest setting you are usually perceived as being more aggressive than most people in the same setting. JUPITER Lucky you! The word "jovial" comes from Jove, another name for Jupiter (By Jove!) You are positive, optimistic and are always trying to grow and expand your horizons. You may expand your waistband, given your expansive tastes and appetites. SATURN The archetypal teacher, stern father, disciplined and punctual. You are reality based to the max. Those less taciturn, a word with Saturn in there somewhere, may consider you a drag if you are not careful to make sure that they know you're trying to help them succeed (at least, I hope you are!) URANUS You're an eccentric, you may even make odd noises at the oddest times. You are here to help Uranus shake up the status quo and keep life interesting. If you need to be thought of as dependable, you have to work extra hard to be so. NEPTUNE You can be an inspiration or appear very confused and confusing. It depends on whether you are interested in benefiting yourself alone or benefiting yourself as part of humanity. Choose the latter and you'll be surprised at how inspired and inspiring you can be. PLUTO You can be perceived as being judgmental, usually because you are judgmental! You have a magnetic attractive, seductive quality and must use it carefully and with kindness because you are an extremist, even in your ability to not appear extreme. So there you have a VERY brief and cursory delineation of the planets in the first house of an astrology chart and close to the Rising sign from the twelfth house. The twelfth house actually has a quite different slant to it but that is for another day.

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