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Here's a very brief explanation of how Mars being in Aries for the next few months, until the first week in January of 2021, may affect you and those whose charts you know. ARIES: Easy! Remember that Mars was the other name for the god of War, Aries, they're interchangeable. Aries Sun sign people are aggressive on an off day and with their Ruling Planet Mars in the sign their Sun is in, Aries, you have super-motivated people who are impatient to get things going. If they don't have enough going on, don't feel powerful, they can become overly aggressive or send the anger inward to create depression or an illness centered where their bodies display weakness. Aries rules the head so if they're not creating headaches for others they're getting them, themselves. I've used the photo of my very own beautiful Aries with Mars (and Mercury!) in Aries and her hand collection. Aries rules the head, traditionally, but the hand reaching for what it wants or holding a weapon or typing or texting can all be seen to be aggressive acts, voila! TAURUS: Taurus Sun Signs are dealing with Uranus transiting their sign for years, not a pleasant experience, and now with Mars in the previous sign of Aries it's like you're dealing with a disruptive family member at Thanksgiving and you're hearing all kinds of sounds outside that make you think there's more trouble coming your way, not the way a Taurus wants things to be if it can be helped and it can. Concentrate on tweaking the structures and core beliefs in your life on the spiritual, mental and physical level, the ones that make themselves known to you as needing work, don't shirk the work, and you should be fine. GEMINI: Venus is in Gemini and in harmonious aspect to Mars so expect people to go after what they want and a surprising number of people are going to finally figure out what it is that they actually NEED, not want, and be happy about it. I find this hard to believe but I am often at odds with my predictions because to get the right blend of logic and intuition I have to step out of my own way and let it come through. This is precisely what Geminis are going to be having happen to them now. CANCER: Both the Sun and Mercury are in Cancer now and Sun square Mars is a powerful aspect, very motivating. If you have the Sun in Cancer in your birth chart you will experience this motivation but it will be focused on everything and anything that you started back in mid-March to mid-May in the merry, carefree year of 2018 and you will feel the need for speed to get finished with what you started back then. No rest for the weary. If you shirk this task you may not get a better chance to finish what you started. LEO: If you have your Sun in Leo, relax, Mars in Aries is a 120 degree "trine" aspect, the good one, so use it sail through what you would like to accomplish or use it to go sailing or swimming or skiing or whatever. Trines are easy peasy, lucky Lions. VIRGO: I don't mean to annoy anyone but annoyed is how Mars in Aries will be making Virgos feel, at least until they get used to it being there. As I have written here before, the 150 degree angle is called the "inconjunct" and it's as if time is out of joint, as the immortal bard, William Shakespeare wrote hundreds of years ago. Like Taurus, there's a "something's kind of wrong" feeling but with Virgos it's more like a distant "you won't be ready on time," or "they're going to let you down" kind of feeling, a nagging, annoying little toy size drill sergeant soldier on your shoulder telling you to shape up. It will fade when you make yourself happy a couple of times over the next week or so. LIBRA: With Mars opposing your Sun, you can expect to have tested the actions that you took to initiate and/or deal with events that happened back in mid November of 2015 into the first week in January of 2016. You're going to have to assert yourself. Oppositions usually manifest as you being opposed by others though it could be an internal battle. Nah, it's going to be someone or a bunch of someone's. C'est la vie. SCORPIO: You're a Scorpio, you don't give a fuck about no stinkin' Mars in Aries. Actually, maybe you should, just a little. Like Virgo, we have a 150 angle so maybe you should watch your energy level, stay rested or when you want to kick it into overdrive, you're going to be clutching your pearls and saying "Dear me, I think I have the vapors!" Your energy could be scattered if you don't make a concerted effort to rein it in. SAGITTARIUS: Like Leo, Trine aspect, baby! Got it made in the shade! The energy is there for you to use, though trines are often experienced as just pleasant and uneventful because they keep the bugs and the blues away and it appears like everything is just easy peasy but hey, easy peasy is HEAVEN when you think about it. So you have the energy to get things done well and fast and easy if you get off your ass. CAPRICORN: IF you're still alive and reading this, congratulations, you are a survivor! I don't think I have to tell you that the last year has been a struggle, the Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto in Capricorn paradigm shift has hit the fan for everyone on Earth, though you have had it manifest on a personal level. My Mercury's there so I have a tiny bit of understanding of what you're going through. Mars in Aries will test the structures and changes you've put in place recently to deal with the Shift Storm so if it ain't working, fix it and move on. There's no time to waste. AQUARIUS Saturn is now in Aquarius and dancing near my Sun and so it's a wonder I feel like writing this looooonnnnggg essay. With Mars in Aries making a sexytile (60 degrees, harmonious) angle to Saturn in Aquarius, it is difficult to get anything done, which I'm sure our "leaders" will be glad to hear since they seem to have difficulty finding their asses with a map and both hands. That being said, if you are an Aquarius then Mars is sexytile to your Sun and we Aquarians CAN get stuff done, if we think it's sexy! I'm working on our next book, Mindful Astrology, and I was just today thinking that it is going to have some good sexy stuff relating to the Moon and Rising Sign, Sun signs are covered. So if you are an Aquarius who is not me - are there any? - you should have no trouble with Mars being in Aries, though you may feel more like being a bit warlike, yourself, during this period. Pisces: Mars is just out of Pisces, the sign just before Aries and the last sign of the zodiac (Aries is the first). Neptune has been in Pisces, it's home sign, for a long time and has a long time to go so Pisces is quite relieved to see the back of Mars. Mars in Pisces is supposedly great, according to astrologers who take their meanings from the ancient texts, and they may be correct and I may just be an Aquarian barbarian trying to pull down the traditional meanings, but unless you are a crusader or other kind of warrior for god, Mars the god of war in the sign of Pisces, the sign of compassion and Utopian longing for a better world, is not a comfortable combo IMHO. Mars has left the Pisces building and Pisces should be feeling a sigh of relief, as if they have removed a pebble from their shoe. And that is a brief description of what the entrance of the planet Mars into its most favorite sign of Aries potentially has in store for you, dear friend.

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