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Now that the paradigm shift I have been writing about for a while has hit the fan, are you using this time to make your base secure, as I kept advising my clients and those who read my essays here? I certainly hope so because this shift is just getting started. I'm not saying that I predicted that people couldn't hug and kiss each other without worrying about catching or transmitting a possibly fatal illness, and I'm not saying that I predicted that the greatest cities in the world would close down everything that makes them great, stores, museums, mass gathering venues, and a lot more, and I am not saying that I predicted that people would start rioting and looting and using violence...wait, I kind of did predict that one, but I didn't see violence against the police and government being met with an effort to understand where that violence and anger was coming from and not simply cracking heads and locking everyone up the way my father the NYPD sergeant would have expected to be the reaction. But why am I even mentioning this, something that is so obvious even to a rainbow pooping Baby Boomer...oh, that reminds me, I never would have thought that we peace and love and understanding and be the change you want to see people of the Baby Boomer generation would be absolutely hated and blamed for all the failures of the world by many GenXers and others whom I would have never thought would feel this way! But hey, I never would have predicted that people would be proud of how much they hate __________ fill in the blankety blank blank. My dear friend and fellow author, Michelle Welch, just reminded me that I DID predict that if people kept hating on other people who disagreed with them and their politics and insisted on seeing those other people as "less than" themselves and/or less than human, that these hating people would make themselves sick and now we have a global pandemic. But never mind me and my predictive abilities, I care more for you and yours and if you want to take care of you and yours then you have to look to what has transpired and realize that no one could have predicted so much shift that has hit the fan and so it is logical to assume that no one can predict the soon to be here, like today, next bunch of shift to hit the fan. So what can we do? I've been telling you the only thing that makes sense when you have no idea what is going to happen: MAKE YOUR BASE SECURE! Stock up, use that useless space in your house to store what you need if the lockdowns return and if the supply chains get disrupted and/or the trucks won't deliver to cities and towns who defund their police - the truckers have already said they won't. So you have got to take them at their word because if they stop delivering, then say goodbye to all those Amazon and other boxes arriving nicely on your doorstep. I'm not saying that is definitely going to happen but it might. At this point, my guess is better than yours because of my knowledge of astrology but it's far from perfect and, as I said, I couldn't and didn't predict what has occurred. You have got to be your own advisor so MAKE YOUR BASE SECURE. Amy and I use the oracles we have invented since 1988 to guide and advise us in the making secure of our base and they have been very helpful, not as a substitute for our decision making ability but as a way to think outside of our box and to ultimately increase our decision making ability, which is exactly what has happened. Poor decision making is the origin of all human-caused problems. I hope you won't mind me reminding you that you can buy not only our books and kits, but all of our work, including Amy's incredible art and one-of-a-kind Spiritual couture clothing, accessories and jewelry online from us or, when it comes to our books and kits from your favorite online stores. The Paradigm Shift has accelerated the Aquarian/Leo Age and so online is practically the only game in town. Use this time to get your life as together as it can be so that you can weather the storms that come. If you don't, don't say that I didn't try to warn you. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. It's always good advice. I used my wife Amy Zerner's very large hand-made fabric collage tapestry, "IMMORTAL LOVE," one of my favorites, to illustrate this essay because we all need to tap into the frequency of creativity (we've got an oracle for that, our latest, THE CREATIVITY ORACLE!) and love and dedication to art and beauty, if we are going to move into a future that is worth living in. May all beings know health, peace and compassion for self and others.

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