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Are we influenced by the Earth, the Sun and the Moon?

What times these times are! Nothing is certain. Giant changes coming at the same time that nothing seems to be changing.

It's not just that the old ways are inappropriate and don't work, some of the old ways refuse to leave and make room for the new ways. And the new ways! They don't always work either! Or if they work, they bring unintended consequences that limit their workings to basic damage control.

I KNOW you know what I'm talking about. Why? Because when the astrological influences of the planets, near and far, are this powerful, they affect EVERYONE!

I've seen so much accurate planetary correlation in my time here on Earth that I would be a moron not to say there's something to it. Let me tell you what I see, as an astrologer with more than forty years experience and my own take on astrology and the history of the Earth, God, and human beings, and see if you agree with me or not. It may not be totally satisfying, but it will certainly be interesting. OK, here goes:

We are all riding a planet called Earth, a planet that could just as easily be called Ocean or Crystal since that is what covers most of it's surface. The planet we are riding is revolving at a very fast speed, yet we don't feel it, thankfully. And not only is it revolving, it's moving forward on an elliptical path around a giant ball of incredibly hot flaming gas we call the Sun that keeps us alive because we're at a near perfect 93 million miles away from it, and dragging a giant round chunk of rock we call the Moon that scientists now say originally came from the body of Earth and whose gravitational pull affects the ocean tides all the time.

Now I ask you, are we influenced by the Earth, the Sun and the Moon? You're damn right we are and if you don't think so, don't bother reading the rest of this. I mean, we're influenced by the person in the next room, by our pets, our cellphones, by our thoughts, by our food, our medicines, the liquids we ingest; human beings are very sensitive and subject to the subtle influences of just about everything.

With the advent of Chaos Theory, we know that a butterfly flapping it's wings in Tokyo can influence just about everything on Earth, so why not giant balls of rock and/or gas we call planets, from the Greek word for "wanderer" because the visible planets (up to Saturn) appeared to be stars that moved around through the zodiac.

The planets exert measurable gravitational force on each other so is it that much of a stretch to imagine that us sensitive humans are in some way too influenced by these measurable gravitational forces from these distant planets?

I have great respect for science and scientists, even though they don't really know what gravity is (or electricity, or where the mind is and how it works, and...) And I respect them even if they don't respect each other and competing theories. But they really annoy me when they prove with ignorant words and deeds that the only thing all scientists seem to agree on is that astrology cannot have any validity.

That's like me claiming to know more than them about their area of expertise without knowing a damn thing about it. Take it from me, there's something to astrology. It's been studied for literally tens of thousands of years and it can prove very valuable at times like these.

I'll be talking about the importance of the upcoming eclipse and more astro weather here soon - watch this space.

This is THE WORLD card, by Amy, from our Enchanted Tarot.

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