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I have delineated all 12 signs and how the February Full Moon will affect them, starting with the principle two players, Aquarius and Leo: IF YOU ARE AN AQUARIUS Full Moon's are traditionally a time to plant seeds but you're an Aquarius, aren't you, so you'll at least try to do the opposite, but how can your harvest anything during the "Snow Moon," though it's summer down under, of course? Aquarians are traditionally emotionally cool and when the Moon is in Leo that cool is threatened by the almost overwhelming desire to make a show of how we are feeling. Sun = Purpose and Moon = Emotions, so the outer shadow of our purpose, the little things that we often take for granted about our ego idea of ourselves, dim the usual tendency for the Moon in Leo, our personal full moon that comes every 28 days, to turn robots into drama queens. Bottom Line: A good time to keep your emotions from tripping up your purpose. IF YOU ARE A LEO Let your emotions guide you through this time when your efforts to effect a desired outcome seem to be challenged by people and circumstances. The trick is to balance your pride with the appearance of any necessarily less-than-noble detailing of grievances by you. Reveal your humanity, even your human frailty, if you would truly advance your cause. Your emotional intelligence can inform your rational intelligence this month so don't discount it as being potentially revealing a side of you that could be exploited by others at some point. It's going to be a good month. IF YOU ARE A PISCES This month you will be required to use your peripheral vision if you want to see what is really going on. The indistinct images and the shadows of things going on around you, when guided by your intuition, can guide you more surely than believing what you see and what you are told. Spacing out and zoning out will put you in the right place and the right zone. Above all, let others be themselves, no matter how much it might appear that they need your compassionate help; they do, but you don't need their bullshit so stay out of it, at least for the next two weeks. IF YOU ARE A VIRGO It may feel that there's a party going on and you're not invited but that is a feeling, not reality. The reality of the situation is that you are tired of having your feelings hurt by others who justify their ill treatment of you by virtue of their own unclear self-image and their desire to be in harmony with impossible states of being. Their dreams are your nightmares and so you actually don't want to have much to do with most everyone, hence you don't really want to go the "party," whatever that is, and you've conducted yourself accordingly, almost guaranteeing that you won't be invited. Don't worry, this, too, will pass, in about three weeks. IF YOU ARE AN ARIES It's a great month from morning 'til night so sing if you feel like it. It's not just that everything seems to be going your way, it's the fact that you can't deny that you have made all this great stuff happen. Of course, there are other people involved, but this Full Moon, astrologically, is a Sun sextile your Sun and the Moon trining your Sun, so opportunities to reap what you have sewn are all around you. As I told my fellow Aquarians, the Full Moon is traditionally a time to plant seeds but we're talking about a Sun in Aquarius Moon in Leo Full Moon, what I call the "Let's Give Them Something To Talk About Full Moon!” IF YOU ARE A LIBRA You can make a Quantum Leap in terms of what you've been working for since this time last year, or even bring it to a successful conclusion, if you back off your usual tendency to want everything to be fair and balanced and equal, especially in the credit department. If you can stop worrying about whether you will get credit for the successful completion of this hard won task, you will succeed and maybe even get a bit of recognition for it, too. This is not just for business and committed partnerships, it's for all relationships, too, including relationships within your family. Friends from the past may be looking you up, by the way, an interesting factoid but not the crux of this eclipse for you. IF YOU ARE A TAURUS You may get more notoriety than you feel comfortable with for the next few weeks, or your intentions may be misinterpreted. This is a projection onto reality of your inner battle to figure out what to do next without working at cross purposes to your long-term goals. I realize that the feeling that you are more on your own now than you've been in a long time might be very hard to cope with but you are a Taurus, after all, and coping 'R you. Don't try to straighten people out as to what are your actual intentions, it's a waste of time and they aren't really listening. This is a month where your main job is to stay out of your own way and not trip over your own feet. IF YOU ARE A SCORPIO If you can work at home for the next couple of weeks, do so. Your home is your place of power at this time and people who can benefit you may turn up on your door. If not people, then you should get some welcome snail mail and/or packages this week, maybe for two weeks. You may find yourself attracted to a completely different type of partner. And, no, you haven't lost your mojo, it's just re-calibrating. Only Scorpios will know what I mean by that sentence. IF YOU ARE A GEMINI This eclipse may make you feel as if you've been strapped to the nose of a rocket ship and are blasting off! I hope you can ride the amazing energy that can be yours this month, it is going to be intense and, as a Gemini, you may find even this level of intensity boring after the first week has passed. The Full Moon was in Aquarius/Leo, two fixed signs, and if you can appropriate that fixed energy, the ability to just keep going and do what has to be done without distraction, you will be able to go back to being your here, there and everywhere self next Full Moon, but older, wiser, and maybe even a bit richer. IF YOU ARE A SAGITTARIUS You are probably feeling that a weight has been lifted and in a lot of ways it has. Please realize that what is happening is that the same structured, serious, limiting ideas you've been having, as if it's all too much work, can now not only pay off, they can liberate you and give you the needed energy to move through 2020. It's as if your New Year starts now so don't blow it. Don't tell anyone that you're feeling different, they will hold you to an impossible standard in some way. OK, you can tell your committed life partner, but don't say I didn't warn you. IF YOU ARE A CANCER Don't expect anyone to obey you for the next few weeks. You'll be lucky if they listen to you. It is a time to let others be themselves, unless they're too young and will hurt themselves by just being themselves. You have to guide without guile, simply stating what is going on as you see it without judgment and stepping back in humble acquiescence to the fact that everyone has their own destiny. It's as if you are on a listening tour, not a lecture tour. It's more important for people to tell you what is really on their mind than for you to "fix" their situation for them. Don't worry, this, too, shall pass in about two weeks. IF YOU ARE A CAPRICORN Your power is amplified quite a bit by this Full Moon so be careful that you don't come on too strong. Yes, I know, it has been a difficult time for you and I wish I could say that it is getting easier but what is happening now is that you are learning Abraham Lincoln's lesson about how if you want to know the measure of a person, give them power. So the issue of power, getting it, keeping it, using it, is front and center for the next couple of weeks. Whatever happened during your birthday time is definitely not happening now, so act like it. This is Amy Zerner's full moon art on a contemplation card from the oracle deck that we created, Little Reminders: Love & Relationships.

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