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WTF is the symbol of our time

I'm using Amy Zerner's hilarious and fun-to-wear "WTF?" jewelry sculpture, also known as a necklace, to illustrate the Astro Weather Energy Matrix report today, because...well, if I have to explain to you why WTF is the symbol of our time, like Andy Warhol's Campbell's Soup Can, then I mean, really, WTF? I see astrologers twist themselves into pretzels trying to explain this time using all kinds of arcane techniques that I know and some I've never heard of. Some use imaginary planets, I'm not kidding. Hey, whatever works for you, be my guest. For me, I have and always will be someone who tries to keep it simple and not just because I'm simple but because simple is good and simple works. I'll try to be more clear, er, simple. Let's say you're a Scorpio Rising - uh, oh, they won't like me revealing any secrets about them but hey, I'm a Leo Rising Aquarius Sun and if they have a problem, that's their problem, not mine. The point is that all the planets are lately jammed into a small wedge of the zodiac and that's like having a ten pound ankle weight on one foot (if you're lucky enough to have feet and to be able to walk). You can walk, but not well, not quickly and you're in danger of being imbalanced all the time. So let's say you're a Scorpio Rising (I'll bet you thought I'd forgotten or been scared of the famous Scorpio Rising dead eyed stare! Hah!) You have the planets starting with Mars in Sag lighting up your first house (YOU) or your second house (Your Finances, Values, Material Goods, Movable Property). So that's where the aggressive energy is focused, making it, keep it, increasing it, losing it, etc. (Did you know that gambling is addictive because gamblers are addicted to losing, not winning?!? Strange but true.) Then you have the South Node of the Moon, Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn concentrated in the sign Capricorn, lighting up your second or third houses, probably a mix of both, the Third House being all about your everyday busy-ness, brothers, sisters, relatives (not father or mother figures) and the communications that are your daily life's blood. This planetary energy is so intense I could write a book about it and sort of have written a book about it, having written so much about the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn these last few months. The main thing to remember is it's concentrated in one or more houses of your chart!!!!! And if you have planets there in your birth chart, these planets are activated like bumpers on a pinball machine and your life is lit up the same way, bells and whistles and lights and all. Then we have the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius, which is why I'm more of my eccentric self of late, lovable and adorable and occasionally annoying in a very WTF kind of way. Aquarians are concerned with things of the past and the future and quite often miss what is really going on right in front of them. So imagine this energy in our Scorpio Risings third or fourth house (Mother, Home, Real Estate, The Past). Family time, even if you don't have one, the idea of it is front and center. This is getting long so Neptune and Venus are in the second half of Pisces (the compassion, illusion, and utopian meters are off the scales) and in the fourth or fifth (Romance, Taking a Chance, Creativity, Friends with Benefits, Children) house of our example Scorpio Rising. WTF squared!! Ice the cake with the comet Chiron, a ball of ice remember is what a comet is, bringing Arian warlike desire to fight against our childhood traumas and accomplish the impossible of undoing them or bringing justice to the situations, which is possible, because Chiron's in Aries and Aries don't run from a fight. It's most likely also in the fifth house of fun and games so that adds drama to the mix. And the rich chocolate part of the cake for our mythical Scorpio Rising is Uranus in Taurus, a planet sign combination that is uncomfortable at best, the feeling of throw off your chains even if you don't have any being the worst of this match up. There is the danger of overthrowing out the "baby" with the "bathwater," undoing traditions that actually have a purpose and are important if not crucial. My point is that there is this dense, dense volatile and active grouping, a wedge sort of, of the planets falling somewhere in everyone's chart and it's got us all on edge. To put it simply, the planetary wedge has us all on edge. So WTF?

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