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Profound, Fundamental Structural Change

The Profound, Fundamental Structural Change astrologers have been expecting to take place with the planets Saturn and Pluto on the same degree of the zodiac sign Capricorn seems to be taking place, though it can be argued that change is the only constant in life and in fact is the clearest sign that life is present in a system. I've used this stunning fabric collage tapestry by Amy Zerner (it's sewn, it's real, not a photoshop collage!) to illustrate this post because it behooves all of us to remember that Egypt was a powerhouse nation like the USA and, unlike the USA, an EMPIRE and one that lasted for thousands of years. Empires, too, are subject to the immutable law of "This, too, shall pass." So what are the signs that the paradigm shift hitting the fan that has accompanied the previous five meetups of Saturn and PLuto in Capricorn are happening this time? Well, there has been A LOT of volcanic action going on around the world, I'll post a link to an article about three but there's also been activity in Alaska and elsewhere, but that could also be connected to the planet Uranus going direct in Taurus. If you don't think that the planets give off measurable energy waves also known as gravitational waves, then you probably don't know that Neptune was discovered by astronomers who noticed the perturbations in the orbit of closer in planet Uranus that they rightly believed to be the result of Neptune's gravity pull affecting Uranus' orbit. Planetary "vibes" are real and powerful. Then today the government of Russia resigned in mass! It's about some political machinations to keep Putin having influence when he is forced to step down after his present term expires, but it's pretty major to have the Russian Constitution overhauled the way they're planning on doing it. And speaking of constitutions, namely the US Constitution, the Governor of the State of Virginia has declared a State of Emergency because of a mass gathering planned for January 21st to protest proposed laws which are seen by many people to violate the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution, though it is worth nothing that most of the proposed objectionable laws have already been enacted here in my state of New York and a few other states, the difference being that here they were enacted one at a time and over time, rather than being an in your face Profound Structural Change to 2nd Amendment supporters who've established 100 "Sanctuary Counties" whose sheriffs have promised not to enforce anti-2nd Amendment laws passed by the new state government where the Governor, Senate and Assembly are all controlled by people who ran as Democrats. I mention this because of Saturn/Pluto Capricorn, of course, but also because the last time that the planet Uranus was in the Sign of Taurus and the planet Neptune was in its home sign of Pisces, which has been the case since last May and is the case now, was in the run up to the American Civil War and if we had a $100 for every time we've all seen the words "civil war" in an article, clip or posting this year, we would have enough money to bribe everyone everywhere to shut up and leave each other alone in peace, or i would hope so, anyway. I'll keep you updated as more Saturn/Pluto Capricorn shenanigans rear their heads! I hope you own one or more of our soon to be fifty published works and/or our Enchanted Tarot app from Fool's Dog to help you navigate the paradigm shift! We're sure glad we have them and we use them every day! Peace!

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