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"As above, so below.”

MERRY CHRISTMAS! The New Moon Annular solar eclipse is happening on Thursday, December 26, 2019, on the fifth degree of Capricorn. Eclipses have a bad rap sheet but did you ever stop and think why that is? I think I know so take a moment out from waiting for Santa Clause or playing Santa Clause when and if you can. If you can’t, I’ll understand. We all, each one of us, have a different astrological birth chart and the position of the planets in the sky as they move through our charts reflect the themes and even the events transpiring in our lives. As Alchemy says, "As above, so below.” In astrology as a psychological language, which I consider to be one of the main miracles of astrological power, The Sun represents OUR PURPOSE and/or OUR EGO and The Moon represents OUR EMOTIONS and OUR HABITS. In an Eclipse, the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth or our emotions and/or habits block or otherwise interfere with our purpose. While it is true that this kind of alignment must inevitably affect the Earth and all who live upon it, for no other reason than the transient cessation of solar influence caused by this line up, the effect of which may be profound, I think I'm on to a big reason why Eclipses have such a bad rap sheet. Since they affect everyone, the good the bad and the in-betweens, it makes sense that those in a position to affect others will also be affected. The good will be self-monitoring and self-correcting when their inner bullshit detectors determine that something is amiss with either the person, themselves, acting stupidly or reacting inappropriately, but the bad actors will act out badly and force everyone to have to listen to or actually deal with their bullshit as their EMOTIONS overwhelm their EGO, gasoline on a fire for most assholes. AND, here's the kicker, when this Emotion overriding one's ego affects those in positions of power, well, we're right back where we started when Astrology natal birth charts were only done for powerful people because it was felt that what affected "our betters" would affect us commoners. That don't work for me anymore, I don't know about you. Eclipses might leave a psychic invisible burn mark in one's chart but the most important purpose of astrology is to help you navigate your life, not cower in a corner waiting for the stars to favorably align for you. As Ptolemy said, "The Stars incline, they do not compel.” And so this has been my Holiday gift to you all. I hope that some of you are giving and receiving some of our creations for your holiday gifts. If not, don't worry! They're always in Barnes & Noble and, we hope, your local bookstore. Even during eclipses!!

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