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be peaceful warriors, warriors for peace

Since before May of 2018 I have been telling those who read my Astro Weather Report posts that the last time the planet Uranus, planet of eccentricity (it points its North Pole at the the Sun as it goes around the solar system), rebellion and how we deal with the unexpected, was in the sign of Taurus, sign of slow oxen plowing the fertile earth and we humans enjoying life's bounty at our leisure, the last time Uranus, which takes 84 years to go around the solar system on its side, was in Taurus and the planet Neptune, planet of idealization, the power of the oceans and water (water will one day be used to power things, just watch!), and how we deal with the compassion and emotions that wash over us like ocean waves as we face our mortality and our journey to...your guess is as good as mine, the last time Neptune was in the sign of Pisces, and Neptune takes 165 years to go around the solar system, the last time Neptune was in Pisces, its most favorite sign, the sign of true compassion, idealization, self-sacrifice, and escapist fantasies (every sign and planet has it's extreme expression), the last time (and this is the last time I'm going to start this sentence) that the planet Uranus was passing through the sign Taurus and at the same time the planet Neptune was passing through the sign Pisces WAS IN THE RUN-UP TO THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR! I have deliberately written the above paragraph in a manner which I consider to be a literary rendering of Uranus/Taurus and Neptune/Pisces, so as to give you the feeling of the two planets in these signs. It was fun but I will now return to writing like I usually do. I have shared this fact of Astro history numerous times but it seems, at least according to a poll that got widespread reporting on Oct 23rd, that about 70% of the 1000 people surveyed (they never call me!) said that they believed a Civil War was coming. Really? Forgetting for the moment that a Civil War like the truly devastating one from 1861 - 1865, which we have still not fully recovered from IMHO, is kind of impossible in this day and age. Why? I may be wrong, but we have a militarized police, cameras everywhere, and the big question: who is going to be fighting who and where? These are just a few of the reasons why I don't think these surveyed people knew what they were being asked. It's definitely true, however, that we are in an Un-Civil war, with so many people are behaving uncivilly toward each other. Not me and Amy Zerner. We lived through the sixties of peace and love fame, we are now in our sixties and have a lot of compassion for everyone, we’re New Age authors and we’re authentic in our caring for everyone who is alive and dealing with the realities of life and death, and we don’t want to waste our precious remaining moments of being alive and healthy enough to enjoy life. Who wants to argue or fight with people? Not us. When you’re intelligent, it would be easy to say things that would hurt people but we believe intelligence is better used in avoiding hurting people and in being the change you want to see. So, as the great Pete Seeger sang, which side are you on, boy, which side are you on? I’m on the side of peace and I hope you are too. This Un-Civil War has raged long enough. Forgiveness is not weakness, it’s the only thing strong enough to get people through the pains of reconciliation and the admitting that they’ve wronged, been wrong, and suffered wrongs. I know this sounds weak and impossible to people who are suffering. I get it.

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