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tables will be turned!

This week, starting NOW, is going to be a new definition of wild and crazy national and international events, at least according to the Astro Weather Energy Matrix as I see it. Tables will be turned with astounding regularity and the best thing for all of us to do is emulate wise people and "keep our own counsel." I realize that this is what I've been saying for a couple of weeks now but haven't I been correct? What's different now is that the fan has been revved up to warp speed and the best quality detritus is ready to be loaded for uncontrolled distribution. There's nothing that you or I can do to stop or influence the forces at work so we have to stay focused on our own lives, do our best to "make our base secure" (the First Rule of Warfare according to Col. Clausewitz) and try not to let the craziness get to us. For the astro curious, the Sun/Libra is going to exactly square Saturn/Capricorn, Mercury/Scorpio is exactly opposite Uranus/Taurus. Mars/Libra is coming into opposition with Chiron/Aries. These exact aspects combine with the existing loose ones between Jupiter/Sag and Pluto/Cap, Jupiter/Sag and Neptune/Pisces, and some weird minor aspects that would be confusing to mention in detail. Bottom line: Crazy people are crazy and this is the week that's perfect for them to unleash their personal Kraken. If I was a betting man and there was a place to place the bet then I'd be betting that this is the week when everyone with power and a position to defend is going to do all they can to assert themselves and pull the rug out from under their opponents. It should be interesting. Of course, the stars incline, they do not compel and the meaning of the various planet sign and house positions have multiple meanings. For example, Mercury opposition to Uranus can produce genius level inventiveness on one end of the spectrum and bat-shit crazy ideas and actions on the other extreme. I chose this photo of me with the IRL version of those dog noses people post, in the middle of our silent weird manikins just before spray-painting them from white to silver because it represents how we should individually keep to the middle way and not take sides when the detritus hits the fan (and spray our neighbors with silver spray-paint? No, that's not neighborly). Which of our seemingly infinite number of creations for sale to promote today? I don't know, really. I suppose the creation that would best help us in a situation like this is my Quantum Affirmations book because it can help us get to a probable future where our leaders are not crazy liars and are, instead, focused on doing their job of improving the lives of the citizens of their various nations. What a novel idea!

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