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We'll get through this together...

The current Astro Weather Energy Matrix is so complex, confusing and difficult to live through that even the stone Angels are doing face-palms. I will try to help you navigate through this difficult time. First of all, the message from the other day could not have been more accurate or more needed both then and this weekend: DO NOT BELIEVE ANYONE ABOUT ANYTHING. I know that telling you we are all strangers in a strange land is not easy to hear but it is the truth and the truth shall set you free (I hope). Actually, it's hard to know what freedom is these days. The problem relative to what I just wrote in the previous paragraph is that people think freedom is the ability to say and do whatever they feel like. As the late New York Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan famously said, "You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts." For the astro curious, the New Moon is occurring at the same time as the Sun light in the sign Libra is EXACTLY inconjunct (150 degrees, the planets ignore each other) the revolutionary craze-o planet, Uranus currently occupied struggling to escape the perceived chains of its seven year slog through it's least favorite sign, Taurus. Uranus wants to be free and Taurus says not-so-fast. What could possibly go wrong? But the New Moon is the least of it, not to put down its power. If you want to know why the times, they are a changin' - whoah! They're REALLY a-changin', like dirty diapers changin', like didn't they just change a whole bunch of profundity changin'? Well here they go again! And this weekend is going to see the news cycle change as much as it used to change in a month or more. Saturn's crossing the South Node of the Moon, both Saturn and Pluto are in the take-care-of-business sign of Capricorn and both are sexytile to Neptune in its once every 165 year visit to its home sign of Pisces - any wonder that things are hold-on-to-your-lunch confusing - the lying liars don't help matters - and we all feel like we are on our own, like spies behind enemy lines, and we all have to realize that some goals are impossible to achieve? I told you this is a difficult time. So what can you do? Well, if you don't believe anyone about anything, as I've already said, you've made a good start. Go about your business taking care of you and yours and using your precious minutes on Earth to better your own lives, changing what you can and not getting sidetracked by craziness over which you have zero control. Do not allow yourself to be used. Period. We'll get through this together just like we've gotten through all the other times when things were crazy. Well, maybe they weren't THIS crazy but hey, we are the few, the proud, the information generation. Too bad we can't share anything we believe with anyone. Too dangerous. Too many crazies. I'll let you know when this, too, passes. Until then, if you are astro curious, why not buy my KARMA CARDS? As you can see a few posts down, they are one of the best ways to learn astrology and if you know it, they can be even more fun - and I'm not lying!!! ;-)

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