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Think Outside the Box

Sun EXACTLY conjunct (on the same degree as) Mars, Purposeful Energy, and focused through the sign of Virgo, details, ANALysis, worry, and complaining. It is a very HUMAN couple OF days coming up. We're all going to be VERY aware of wild and crazy ideas, at least wild and crazy from our very own little POV. So if you never think about dying, you're going to think about it. If you never consider that other people are not cardboard cutouts and actually have feelings that you may have hurt the way assholes like you have hurt you, then that's what you're going to suddenly realize. Like so many of these complex days during the current Neptune in Pisces era, it's a great time to be a creative person - our CREATIVITY ORACLE is coming out in a few months and it is AMAZING! It is not such a great time to be stupid and to resist using your creativity. I'm not saying anyone is going to get "enlightened," because enlightenment is just another advertised promise that can't be kept, enlightenment is an imaginary carrot on an invisible stick held out to good people who have lost their way and can be manipulated by power-mad people who claim to be better than anyone else, total bullshit. And THAT TOO is going to dawn on the deluded so you may see a lot of defections from cults over the next week or so, mark my words! Venus is also EXACTLY trine (120 degrees, the good angle) to Saturn which is great for sober reality checks but that is competing with all those Virgo planets, Mercury, Sun, Mars and Venus still in weakening trine to Uranus, the Great Disrupter, it's a weak Grand Trine so I guess it's all for the best.

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