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an astrology gift from me

Here is an astrology gift from me to help you plan some upcoming important dates! The best way to pick a day when the planets are best aligned for a specific purpose you have in mind is to have your chart done by a professional astrologer with years of practice under their belt and a great reputation. The second best way is to have an astrologer like me take a look at all the planetary alignments for the rest of 2019 - and here is what I consider to be the best days for having a wedding ceremony, for asking for a promotion and/or a raise, and the best days to leave for a vacation. Keep in mind that sometimes the best days for a wedding or vacation fall during the week and the best day to ask for a promotion falls on a weekend. When that happens, just pick a date that is as close as possible to the dates listed below. We picked our wedding day astrologically because we had a couple of hundred people coming to the East Hampton mansion someone lent them us for the day and we couldn’t afford to rent a tent back in 1978. That June 11th was one of the nicest days on record. In a similar manner, the dates below don’t guarantee perfect marriages, vacations and promotions but your chances are improved for having things work out in your favor on the following dates. BEST DAYS FOR A WEDDING: Weekend of Sept 21st, Sept 27th, Oct 12th, Oct 25th, might be the best, the weekend of November 22, 2019, weekends either side of that are also good. Very good Dec 3rd, Dec 15th BEST DAYS TO ASK FOR A PROMOTION (PLEASE NOTE: Definitely Not Oct 7th!) the week of Sept 2nd-6th, Sept 13th, Oct 14th, 20th, 25th, Nov 5th, might be best all year Nov 8th, Nov 13th, 30th, Dec 8th, 11th BEST DAYS TO LEAVE FOR A VACATION: August 21st, 26th, 29th, Sept 8th - 12th, Sept 24th, weekend of Oct 11th, Oct 28th, Nov 12th - 14th, November 24th, Dec 13th

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