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You know, everyone's crazy!

I don't think I've had a conversation with anyone In Real Life (IRL) that hasn't ended with "You know, everyone's crazy!" and we all nod our heads because it is true. But have you ever wondered why is it true, from an astrological perspective? Hey, that's my job! The key to understanding an era astrologically is to see what the slower moving planets are up to because they "stamp out" the various generations, like Neptune in Libra was the Hippie Generation and Pluto in Leo stamped out the Baby Boomers. The BIG NEWS writ large in the sky by the slower moving planets is that the planets Saturn (discipline) and Pluto (judgment) are very close to each other (conjunct) in Saturn's "rulership" sign of Capricorn (authority). Each planet and sign and house of astrology has a bunch of different meanings but it is pretty easy to see if you are even slightly info addicted that Saturn conjunct Pluto has got everyone's back up about "This cannot go on! I cannot stand (fill in the blankity blank!) A good friend offered the cartoon advice, "Let it go," but although it's 100% true that this is the absolute best thing people can do now regarding the things that cannot be changed one iota by them (St Francis and his animal friends must be spinning wherever they are!), who's doing it besides the sentient few who realize that sickness begins in the spirit and trickles down to the mind and then the body, or at least a lot of it does (I'm not a doctor and I don't play one on Facebook or anywhere else)???? And while Saturn conjunct Pluto defines the term, Harsh Reality, the Jupiter Square Neptune aspect has people being overly idealistic about what is possible or even what makes sense, as in making sense doesn't make sense to a lot of people. It's no wonder that there is such a huge disconnect between those who govern and we who are governed. And I have to tell you that the Saturn/Pluto aspect will be exact in January around my birthday(!) and so I'm either going to have the best year ever or I'm going to be laying lower than an inchworm's navel in 2020. So enjoy my posts while you and I can! And buy our Enchanted Tarot app. It will help you get through the rough times - we use it every day - and it deserves to be one of the most downloaded tarot apps available, it's that good! (Thank you Caroline Kenner!)

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