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Neptune is Stationary REtrograde

Today, Friday June 21, 2019, the planet Neptune is Stationary REtrograde. So what? I’ll tell you and I should know. I was born when Neptune was Stationary Retrograde, as have been thousands of people, but almost all of them aren't published astrology authors with forty years of readings under their belt (so I would hope that what I have to say about this phenomena is interesting and useful). Or are they psychic or intuitive, the people born on Stationary REtrogrades of Neptune? You see, I credit my being born on a Neptune Station with the fact that I have been able to develop my Intuition to the point that I call it "psychic," though some people have an issue with that term including a lot of psychics, er, I mean Intuitives. First Bottom Line: So if you've been feeling "tired" or "drained" or "washed out" or otherwise energy diffused, congratulations! You're in the Astro Weather Energy Matrix flow! You’re getting stuff done on an intuitive, emotional, psychic, artistic, creative, compassionate level and you’re amazing yourself, if you’ll just stop berating yourself for not doing “work” as in force time motion or whatever. Being thoughtful about what is really going on in your life, including the sad stuff, is very difficult but it is work and you are moving the emotional ball forward in your life, so give yourself a break. Now, I have lots of energy and I get a lot done, so the Neptune Station doesn't weaken you, what it does is tune you into the Neptune energy of your time, in our case today, it's the wowowowow Neptune in its ruling sign Pisces energy!! Super Awesome, beyond words awesome. I think the Neptune stationary energy is the reason the USA isn’t yet in a shooting war with Iran, though that could change at any time, of course. That’s the macro effect. I’m more concerned with how it affects Amy and me and you, dear friend! That’s my Neptune Station in “action.” Hey, I’m woiking heah! (Brooklyn accent!) Neptune's symbol is the Trident, the weapon held by, appropriately, the mythological god Neptune, King of the Sea. Now think about the sea's power for a second. You finished? Well, I hope you realized It's is more powerful than anything on Earth, in case you missed that. If you look at Earth from space and you're over the Pacific Ocean, it looks like this planet should be called Water, not Earth, and Pisces is the quintessential Water sign in Astrology (Pisces, Cancer & Scorpio are the water signs). Water = Emotion in astrology. The oceans of the world are all connected to each other and they connect all the land masses, making travel around the world possible. In the same way, Neptune and Pisces "rule" psychic communications, the ability to tap into the scientific fact of the Quantum Field, the "place" where everything is happening in the ultimate "NOW.” Second Bottom Line: When Neptune goes Retrograde and appears to be going backwards as plotted against the backdrop of the Zodiac as viewed from Earth, it is time to make friends with your Intuition because it is going to be coming in VERY handy from now until November, when Neptune goes Stationary Direct again. It will only go back about three degrees in the zodiac but it's the motion of the ocean that's important in this case. REtrograde is like REtread the steps. AND DREAMS ARE OFF THE CHARTS THE PAST FEW DAYS AND THE DAYS TO COME, TO! One of the reasons you will need your intuition is to help you separate lovely lies from the harsh truth. The inclination with Neptune REtrograde in Pisces is going to be for those of us with true compassion to manifest that as never before but those who profit from taking advantage of other people through lies and deception are going to go into overdrive and our logical Mercury minds will really need our Neptune intuitions to help us separate the what only looks good from what is actually good for us. Third Bottom Line: Our intuition is always talking to us in the language it speaks, symbols, feelings, hunches, all emanating from the pre-verbal place in our psyche, the place where it all gets mixed together before we hear/speak it as words. So you have to first believe it exists and then be still and quiet your mind a bit and see what comes into your emptied (a bit) mind when you ask your Higher Self for guidance. It might feel awkward at first but what doesn't? Who knows, maybe you, too, were born on a Neptune Station and you'll be an Intuitive Whiz in no time, since the best way to be intuitive is to sort of step out of time. If you want to join our psychic circle of people who've become psychic using our divination systems, then the perfect one for you to buy from us might be our PSYCHIC CIRCLE: The Magical Message Board. It's from Simon & Schuster and has been in continuous print for over 25 years. It's not a toy, it's a serious tool for communicating with the astral realms. Check it out...

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