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the good and the bad and the truth

Everyone who reads my astro essays knows that I'm a fairly positive person but I am a realist at heart. I am always trying to experience life to the full and helping others do that is a big part of my doing it, that's positive, right? And realistic, IMHO. If we’re not here to help each other cope with the sleigh ride to oblivion known as Life, then I don’t know what we’re here for. Life can be beautiful but life can be harsh, too. I write my advice knowing full well that some people reading it are going through stuff that is beyond words terrible, difficult enough for them to the point that my words will ring hollow and seem naive in the extreme. That doesn't stop me from writing the good and the bad and the truth of what is going on in the Astro Weather. I’m an Aquarian and that’s what we do. The Aquarian Water Bearer pours out her or his water (actually, we’re an air sign so it’s IDEAS we pour out!) for all to drink and those that aren't thirsty or who don't like water or who are in situations too dire to take time to drink will not partake of my offerings. I hope you don’t take this essay as being overly pessimistic, I think life is great and I’m all about enjoying it and helping others to the best of my ability to do the same. As usual, I'm trying to translate the astro weather into sentences that convey its meanings to you directly. Why? Today, Tuesday June 18th, the planet Saturn is EXACTLY sexytile to the planet Neptune, a BIG DEAL astrologically. Saturn & Neptune could not be more different in terms of which aspects of our psyche they represent. Saturn is the Lord of Discipline, the lessons of harsh Reality and how we process and deal with LIMITS, structure, hierarchy, things being difficult and/or slow. Saturn is how we deal with Authority & how much authority we have or want to have. And Saturn is in its home sign of Capricorn, so it's power is a pure expression of its meaning. So the sign Saturn is in describes how we default when things go badly - my Saturn is in Virgo so I go into over-analysis, we can figure this out mode only some things can't be analyzed or figured out, they just suck! Same is true for Neptune in its home sign of Pisces only Neptune is not at all concerned with Reality, Neptune is concerned with The Other World, Utopia, Heaven, Heaven on Earth if only..., communes and communism, pie in the sky, and how we deal with the emotional pain that comes from harsh reality interfering with our beautiful dream of how things could be if only… So we have Neptune in its home sign of Pisces, true compassion and psychic connection, but this can also be escape from the harsh reality through drinking, drugs, and other addictions, anything to dull the pain. Saturn, meanwhile, looks down on the Piscean “weakness” and says, “Walk it off,” “Take one for the team,” “Be realistic.” Neptune says, “I AM being realistic, there’s a better world out there somewhere and let’s do what we can to create it or find it.” Saturn’s not so sure. So one of the clearest manifestations in our everyday lives from Saturn and Neptune being EXACTLY sexytile is that we have shoved in our face the absolute truth of the fact that some goals are IMPOSSIBLE as in NOT POSSIBLE to achieve. Period. So if that theme hits in your life today, now you know why. And if you want to know why other stuff is going on and how to deal with it and if you have a smart phone and a couple of bucks, then there’s absolutely no realistic reason for you not having our Enchanted Tarot APP on your phone, even if you’re high or drunk it’s easy to download and boom, you’re getting Amy’s art and my advice for the rest of your sleigh ride, just like we use it. It’s accurate, it’s really pretty and it’s fun!

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