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The astrology informing today's essay is mind-blowing! As I write this, the Moon is EXACTLY opposite Neptune and square to both the Sun in Gemini which is EXACTLY opposite Jupiter in Sagittarius, forming a damn near exact Grand Cross (four exact squares!!!) in the mutable signs! And that's just for starters. If you know any babies born today, they are going to be very amazing people! People born with Grand Crosses don't have easy lives but they usually have exceptional lives, living each "station of the cross" completely at different times in their lives. I don't want to make this long and complicated but I do want to say that MIRACLES HAPPEN and my tooth pain no longer feels like I'm being hammered and tonged. Thanks for your prayers. The pain has localized to one tooth and I think it will be fixed today. Mars in Cancer is coming into exact opposition with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn over the next few days, a great time to get my wisdom tooth pulled and the other one fixed. It is also one of those times when if you are going to make a turn, MAKE THE TURN, don't start and then stop ANYTHING. If you commit, DON'T QUIT or accidents will happen. So DRIVE SUPER CAREFULLY for the rest of this week, people are going to make turns and do stuff and have second thoughts so BE PREPARED! The Sun/Gemini opposite Jupiter Sag is going to make people SUPER OPTIMISTIC so the financial markets should see irrational exuberance on Monday, happy days are here again theme will prevail, though things will change suddenly by the end of this week. Mars is crossing th North Node and Saturn and Pluto are super close to the South Node. Plus there's a few 30 degree angles between planets indicating that they are working without giving a single thought to the other planets. So people are going to be doing the unexpected, reality is going to be manufacturing the unexpected, so I will join them and do the unexpected and not plug one of our many wonderful, powerful, gorgeous. life-affirming and life-changing products, each one worth its weight in gold. I'll plug all of them!

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