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Powerful Astrological Aspects!

There is an AMAZING amount of powerful Astrological Aspects going on today. Mars EXACTLY sexytiling Venus, a totally sexy day made even sexier by Venus entering its home side of Taurus and being within Three Degrees of Separation with Uranus, so sudden love affairs are more than possible, they're likely! Now Mercury is sexytile Neptune and that is usually not the best combo for making BIG decisions, but there are so many mitigating aspects that I have concluded that if you are facing your inner bullshit artist and not allowing you to run old tapes from when you were a younger but more ignorant person, but are instead taking a self-inventory and using what you learn from facing your weaknesses and inner demons to help you build the new you, then you CAN make big decisions, at least those decisions that are about the NEW YOU! ASTROLOGY LESSON: The Planets describe HOW WE ACT and the Signs describe THE THOUGHT PROCESS THAT INFORMS AND INSPIRES AND DIRECTS THOSE ACTIONS. I hope that is clear. I mention it because I want to talk about Saturn and Pluto being so close to each other in the Sign of Capricorn. I've found that the signs opposite each other contain quite a bit of the essence of each other but approach it from 180 degrees differently. Case in point, Capricorn is opposite the sign Cancer. Cancer rules habits that form in and tie you to The Past, The Family, What Makes You Feel Secure and I have discovered that Capricorn rules Habits One Believes Will Get Them To A Better & More Respected Future, hence the running over in one's mind again and again anything and everything the individual believes will lead to betterment in some aspect of material life. HABITS related to one's BUSINESS FAMILY or outer world success oriented family. and WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL RESPECTED. So we've all got Saturn and Pluto inclining us to OBSESS about some aspect of our being that is either good for us or, more likely, we are falling back into old patterns that we have not really escaped from. Heavy stuff but heavy stuff is usually worthwhile in the long run. One of the most important but not mentioned by astrologers conditions engendered in all of us by the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is the feeling of being OVERWHELMED by, you name it, it's the overwhelm, itself that is the astro weather energy matrix we're navigating. If you want to know our take on how to be well under these circumstances, then please consider buying the book or ebook of our ASTROLOGY FOR WELLNESS. It's really a book everyone should own.

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