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Saturn WILL REWARD YOU for endurance

When a planet goes retrograde it appears to be moving backwards through the zodiac. When it goes backwards through the zodiac, it retraces its "steps" and REmakes the same angles (aka "aspects") and conjunctions (passes over the same degree) as it has already done. To understand what a particular planet is going to be doing when this happens we have to look at the meaning of that planet and the sign it is going through, though if you know your chart or have it read by an astrologer then you can receive much more relevant info. Saturn in the language I consider astrology to be represents how we deal with Limits, Structure, Authority, Tests, Restriction, Doing What We MUST Do and not what we want to. In short, Saturn is a pain in the ass. It is the Stern Father/Figure who won't tell you s/he loves you because you need to be tough to make it in the world. I say "s/he" because quite often the person fulfilling the "father" role is not a male. Hey, it's 2019 for God/dess' sake! IMPORTANT UPDATE: Please be aware that Saturn WILL REWARD YOU for endurance, patience, hard work, not taking shortcuts, deferring pleasure because something important must be done, suffering (sorry, but it’s true) and generally for emulating Job when things are rought. It is not all bad, but if you try and laze out, you’re going to understand the expression “Sucks to be you." Forewarned is forearmed. So take a minute to sit back and relax and take a few deep breaths and think about the Saturnine situations you have been presented with since around January 22nd, my birthday by the way. Astrology is like watching gears within gears so when Saturn goes backwards and retraces its steps it will be REmaking those Saturnine situations or variations of them, since most of the other planets in the sky will be in different places. But if you can think about what you’ve been through then I'm sure you will recognize these Saturnine situations when they re-occur and you will be ready to use best practices to deal with them. I’m not saying that problems are going to reoccur at the same level of intensity or in the same way as before. Saturn is about testing, remember? At the very least Saturn aspects will symbolize the testing of the solutions that were tried, rewarding the hard workers and especially kicking the butt of anyone who reacted to the Saturnine situations by not doing the work, shirking responsibility or otherwise insulting Saturn. Saturn is all about respect from people you respect, respect for authority. And I’ve saved until now the amazing fact that Saturn has gone retrograde in the sign of Capricorn, the sign it “rules,” its most compatible sign, so Saturn is a happy camper, or at least as happy as Saturn ever gets. This placement amplifies its power and is the reason I have made the rather bold meme statement at the top of this post. And although Saturn will stop being REtrograde and turn direct around September 18th, it won't get back to the degree of the zodiac upon which it went retrograde today until New Years 2020! So everyone in the world is going to be dealing with this situation. Want to know how we deal with life and its problems here at The Enchanted World. As you have seen from our recent posts, we are expert tarot readers and have attained respected elder expert status with the expert tarot readers who attend Readers Studio each year, some of the best tarot readers in the world started out using our ENCHANTED TAROT, in continuous print since 1990. So why not become an Instant Tarot Reader and be able to read any tarot deck instantly? It’s easy to do. I have done what no one else has ever done, give you the meanings of every tarot card in all eleven positions of the Celtic Cross spread, thereby enabling you to instantly answer several types of one-card readings, three different kinds of three-card readings and, of course, the eleven card Celtic Cross spread itself. I use this book myself and I have to say that I may not be a genius but INSTANT TAROT, like my KARMA CARDS, is a work of genius. If you don't believe me, buy a copy and see what you think.

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