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Clear Your Conscience

As the author of the international best-selling astrology teaching/flash cards/future predicting self-help book/cards set, KARMA CARDS, I have thought long and hard about the planets, signs, and houses of an astrological chart, both natal and "mundane," what's going on on a particular day (from the Latin, "mundus," the world). I have evolved a system for looking at the planets, signs and houses of a chart as a psychological language, though KARMA CARDS is more of a fun learning prediction tool. In that language, the planet Pluto is How We Transform Ourselves & How We Handle Transformation We Encounter In Others and In The World In General. Like all things astrological, there is a spectrum of possible meanings, a bell curve if you will. Self-Transformation can relate to changing your appearance in some way, transforming the kind of person you are (for the better, but sometimes it doesn't work that way) and on and on all the way up to and including the ultimate transformation, death. When Pluto is not retrograde, when it is chugging along way out at the outer edge of our solar system, the energy of transformation is available to us to best use in our efforts to transform the world, like the Magician tarot card. When Pluto goes retrograde, the energy of the little planet that could (be told it's not a planet but come back to being called a planet - how's that for self-transformation!) when it's retrograde, the energy is best used in transforming our inner being, the "me" of us, the you that only you know. In mythology, Pluto was Lord of the Underworld, it was he who decided who went to "hell" and who went to "heaven." Now do you see why Pluto "rules" the sign Scorpio and is connected with judgment, power, power struggles, cutting things off, resurrection and death, to name just a few things? FULL DISCLOSURE: I have Pluto REtrograde in the sign of Leo on my Ascendant, so I know a bit about Pluto REtrograde and the Leo helps me to show it to you. I mention this because Pluto and Scorpio are literally beyond words at their essential core and both are like the T'ao, according to Lao Tsu, "He who speaks, does not know. He who knows, does not speak.” That being said, my role in this life, like Lao Tsu (though he was forced to write it down!) is to explain and simplify difficult concepts to people that are interested in learning about my areas of expertise but are not able or willing to spend the time learning, which is fine with me, it's how I earn my living, after all! So I can tell you that my life has been a process of transforming myself in the Pluto in Leo fire, burning away the crap - and there's been a lot of it! - like a samurai sword being fired and quenched and folded again and again until, well, the process doesn't end until I do. Now that Pluto is stationary, joining the planet Jupiter in REtrograde motion, we can dedicate ourselves to clearing our conscience and the only way to do that is with AWARENESS of who we are, who we were, how far we have come, and a loving relaxed awareness of how our past transformation can empower and inform our future transformation. The planet Saturn will be joining Jupiter and Pluto in retrograde motion on the 2nd of May. Jupiter is retrograde in its home sign of Sagittarius, so this is potentially a very good time for us to expand our self-awareness. Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn, as is Saturn, and Capricorn is Saturn’s home sign, so this is all about self-respect, being SERIOUS about how we spend our limited time on Earth, understanding authority, becoming one if possible, and on the world stage this may manifest as a time of great transformation on the business and monetary power structure. It is an awesome time to be alive, though Pluto retrograde reminds us that that could change in the blink of an eye and that we are all headed to the same place, the Pluto place. But even though everything will pass away, we can have a very good time while we are alive. The purpose of life is to be happy so get yourself a set of my KARMA CARDS and have fun! They are not expensive!

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