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Awareness of Childhood Trauma

The Astro Weather today and this weekend inclines all of us to get in touch with deep seated and possibly hidden events that traumatized us when we were younger. The planet Mercury, which "rules" our logical mind, our practical analysis, our skill set and things like that in the psychological language that I consider astrology to be, the planet Mercury is EXACTLY sitting on the same degree of the zodiac where the comet Chiron is doing its ice ball thing. Mercury was the Winged Messenger in mythology, the Communicator of Information (not feelings, that's the Moon). Chiron in mythology was the teacher of Achilles, of Achilles Heel fame, and Chiron, who was a Centaur, also had a wound that did not heal. So Chiron represents childhood traumas that we carry with us through life. Awareness of them is the only way to keep them from sabotaging us. Put them together and you have Awareness of Childhood Trauma. This can be awareness of our childhood trauma or that of someone else. It doesn't even have to be childhood, it can be when you or someone else was younger and less wise than you are now. And the fact that Mercury is conjunct Chiron on the 4th degree of the sign of Aries is an indication that this trauma could be connected to aggression, either on your part toward another person or them to you (or both) or it could be an accident or you trying to do something in a new pioneering way and it not being appreciated or worse. But this is not just a time for experiencing sorrow, it is a time when the Truth shall set you free. The Sun is about to leave Aries and enter Taurus and in three days conjunct Uranus and that will incline all of us to do something sensual and luxurious and crazy and liberating. We just might have the flashbacks to the trauma during that, though, but if you've done the work on yourself of getting in touch with why some part of you thinks the crazy illogical things you do make sense, even if you haven’t got it figured out yet, even if you’re just trying to figure it out, you'll be fine. You know as well as I do that it's business as usual, what else is new? Each day we are challenged to go on and do our best despite knowing what we know. Knowing we are all in the same boat and helping those we care about as best we can is a good way to spend our day. Amy and I have created our nearly 50 published works (see the list a couple of posts below this one) and if you need a gift for someone who could benefit from hearing our unique take on the world and divination and who would enjoy looking at Amy Zerner’s incredible healing art, then check out the list and buy it from your local bookstore or the independent bookstore website or if you want it autographed, buy it from our website.

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