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the power of love has to overcome the love of power

You can't access any media without having to at least see a headline about how "polarized" is everyone and/or everything about everyone and/or everything. The concept of polarization is actually the phenomena I often use to explain how astrology may work. Polarized sunglasses are called that because they only let light going along a certain polar axis, lets' say North to South, they only let that light in and not the light that is not vibrating on that axis line. If you take two pairs of polarized sunglasses and start them off eye to eye, you can see through them. If you rotate them to 90 degrees to each other, light doesn't past through them. In a similar manner, I imagine that the immense planets give off subtle but powerful gravity energy waves that mix and blend as they intersect here on Earth, some blends more conducive to taking action and other more conducive to not taking action and every possibility in between, like different coffee or tea blends. Well, as I write this essay, the Sun (our ego, our purpose) is squaring (making a 90 degree angle to) the planet Pluto (power, power struggles, power exchanges, sex, death, transformation - a no screwing around planet!). What does that mean? Those that feel content in their power will stay that way and those that feel that they're deprived or cheated or stymied in their power will act out to gain redress of their grievances (also known as Fight or, at the very least, make the lives of others miserable unless and until they get their way.) So the word Polarization is quite apt, people at opposite poles doing their best in the Tug Of War. Political Polls are showing the USA has never been more polarized, with people totally locked into their corners like fighters waiting for the bell. The Sun moves one degree a day so the EXACT square now occurring will be over later today but will be felt for five days more. The polarization will last a lot longer. The Sun is also square (90 degrees) to Saturn, though the angle is past exact and waning. This is because Pluto and Saturn are close to each other, three degrees away from each other to be exact, and that is A BIG DEAL! Saturn is in its home sign of Capricorn so it's feeling preetty, preetty, preeety good, as Larry David would say. Saturn is all about Structure, Discipline, the bones of things. Saturn in Capricorn is the tough boss, the drill sergeant, the more stern than loving father. Saturn in Capricorn is an AUTHORITY, it's ready for its closeup, it's ready for its star to shine. Pluto is more Attila The Hun, Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, Mohammad and his army, overwhelming all the local Big Fish and bending everyone to their will, do what I say, accept me as your lord or you will die. Saturn and Pluto being so close to each other in Capricorn is why a lot of skilled astrologers are convinced that the financial structure (Saturn, Capricorn) is going to transform (Pluto) in an overwhelming manner. And the real underlying reason that no one is going to be changing their mind about their preconceived notions about anything anytime soon is because the planet Neptune, which is Idealization, Utopian Notions, Fantasy, is in ITS home sign of Pisces and Neptune is sexytile to Saturn and to a much lessor degree, Pluto. So people are getting high on their idealized position and you know how much addicts like to give up their addictions, not! There's no need to take a polarization poll, ruthis essay up the flag pole and see who salutes, or act like a poltroon and cowardly avoid the fact that everyone is polarized (and that I’m making terrible “pole” puns). If you're on social media and you don't know that the power of love has to overcome the love of power before true change can come to our world then you need Meme Glasses and you REALLY NEED my book QUANTUM AFFIRMATIONS stat!

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