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be kind but don't be stupid

The Astro Weather Energy Matrix is so intense of late that I am at risk of sounding like Chicken Little. It's not that the sky is falling, its that a number of intense aspects that would be noteworthy enough if only one of them was all that was going on are happening at the same time, it's complicated and subtle and powerful! As I write these words, the planet Venus (what we love, how we love, the type of person we love) is EXACTLY on the same degree of the zodiac (called a "conjunct" aspect in astrology) as the planet Neptune! This conjunction is happening on the 18th degree of the zodiac sign Pisces, which in astrology is said to be "ruled" by the planet Neptune, which means that the planets meaning is quite similar to that of the sign it rules. Neptune is a very slow moving planet, it takes 164 years to go around the solar system, moving with the other planets in that narrow band of space we call the zodiac. As I’ve written several times before, the last time Neptune was in Pisces and the planet Uranus, which takes 80+ years to go around the zodiac, was in the sign of Taurus, it was the time of the run up to the American Civil War. I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve seen the words “civil war” in articles on the web, though I would rather that people got a grip on themselves and stopped hating the haters, thereby instantly becoming exactly what they proclaim to hate. Sigh. It’s not easy being a sensitive new age guy! ;-) But you want to know what it means in your life and I don't blame you. Neptune is all about What We Idealize, How We Handle The Sorrowful Aspect of Life, Psychic Intuition, Compassion. Astrology recognizes that there is no energy that is so good that someone's free will can't use it to their detriment and there's no energy that is so bad that something good can come out of it, though that takes work. Let me teach you something. I advocate a "key word" approach to those who want to understand the basic meaning of planetary aspects. The conjunction is the easiest one to do. Venus/Neptune equals Love of Compassion, Compassionate Love, Idealized Love, Love of Idealization. As I said, however, there's two sides to every energy (at least two!) Some people want things to be a certain way and they are willing to lie and deceive others and/or go along with the delusions of the person they're trying to fleece in some way because they are wounded, they have suffered, they feel deprived and that life owes them something and dammit, they're going to seize an opportunity even if it means being a deceitful POS. So it's a great day for making art, writing, poetry, dance, imagining, day-dreaming, being intuitive, even being inventive in a way that will truly help the less fortunate. And I hope you can see that this very same energy can also cause people to feel sorry for people who are not worthy of their assistance? Keep in mind the fact that I have only delineated Venus conjunct Neptune (barely) but there are like seven other major aspect patterns at work of late, some inclining us to practical logical rigid thinking and being willing to do what it takes to enforce our will, while at the same time we have the Soul of Love & Compassion aspect of Venus conjunct Neptune. It is a complex blend. Bottom Line: Charity begins at home. Be kind but don't be stupid. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean you have to spend a second in their presence. Help those who deserve your help, not just anyone with a sob story. I'm not saying everyone with a sob story is a grifter, I'm saying that all of us are not thinking as clearly as we can today, in terms of who to help and how to help them. Wait a few days. While you're waiting, sign up for our very reasonably priced (US$15) new course on DailyOm, it's so much fun and it will help you to become more intuitive! It's perfect for today's energies!

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