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emotionally drained & shut down?

I understand why people have a hard time believing that there is anything real about astrology. They haven't taken the time to read my work or the work of the other hard-working astrologers who are trying to make sense of this crazy world through the PRACTICE of astrology, like the practice of medicine and law. Practice makes, well, better. As someone who's had the pleasure of meeting The Amazing Randi - I used to love seeing him do stage magic on WONDERAMA, a children's program - and having him tell me that my KARMA CARDS, which had just been published, were a great way to rip people off, I understand why they feel the way they do. As an Aquarian from Brooklyn when it was very Wild West, I don't give a rat's ass. I say all this because it is easy to see that the Astro Weather Energy Matrix I am describing, Feeling Emotionally Shutdown and Isolated with surprising bursts of Passion to DO SOMETHING, can be attributed, not to astrology, but to the seriously deranged actions of a tiny sliver of the world's population whose calculated publicity seeking crimes against humanity are force multiplied by the same forces that caused the recent social media outages to be broadcast straight into our brains, revealing how powerful they are because we have let them have power over us. In astrology's defense, I would be saying the same thing if the unspeakable horror in New Zealand and Nigeria had not happened so recently. Why? Because the Moon in the sky is passing through the sign of Cancer and is almost DIRECTLY OPPOSITE the planets Saturn and then hours later Pluto, both in the sign of Capricorn. I will explain that in English. The Moon is our Emotional Intelligence and Saturn is how we handle limits and discipline. Saturn opposite Moon in any signs in a person's chart is usually an indication of a difficult relationship with the female caregiver or whomever filled that role. In daily life, when the Moon in the sky is opposite Saturn in the sky, we have Disciplined Emotions, Emotional Shutdown, Limited Emotionalism, and you can make a lot more keyword combos the more you know astrology. The Moon is the fast mover of astrology, 14 degrees a day, so a few hours later today, 3/16, The Moon will Exactly oppose Pluto, the planet which in astrology represents POWER, POWER STRUGGLES, Intensity, sex, death, resurrection. SO we have a conflict between emotions and compulsions, which rise to the surface like submarine fired missiles. I hope I'm not boring anyone. I am aware I am writing A LOT. I am writing a lot because I am feeling a lot and I know that as someone who actually knows a thing or three that might help people to allow themselves to feel better about how they feel, and I have the luxury of having made my life where I have worked hard and succeeded and can afford to do this, then I'd be a lazy asshole (he’s from old school Brooklyn, remember?) not to write a lot when I know people are emotionally shutdown and feeling badly about it. Anyway, the bouts of energy trying to get us to do something, anything, to help us feel better are symbolized astrologically by the Moon making a sexytile aspect to the warrior planet, MARS, which is in the sign of Taurus with it's big brother, Uranus, the butt of a thousand astrology jokes. BOTTOM LINE: Don't worry if you feel emotionally drained, shut down, cut off, herded. I know, it's weird, but that's the astro weather energy matrix lately. Saint Francis was a genius: The things we can do something about and the things we cannot do a damn thing about and the wisdom to know the difference. I've done what I can to feel better and I hope I've inspired you to do the same.

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