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the error of our ways

SIHT DAER: As I have struggled with this incredibly powerful Mercury retrograde period I have come to learn The Error of My Ways and I am thankful for that. I came to realize that I had unwittingly offended someone, though when they explained the situation I realized that they had every reason to feel that way. I was wrong. But this can be a good thing, if you are living a life committed to lifelong learning. To paraphrase the eminently quotable Albert Einstein's comment about miracles, You can live your life like everything is a learning experience or you can live your life like nothing is a learning experience. So now I look at my error (and my network router just gave me a totally crazy message, ay yi yi!) I look at my error as an opportunity to admit that I was wrong, a reminder that I am not (gulp) perfect (Saturn in Virgo!), an opportunity to show this person that I am able to see the error of my ways, and I learned what I now see is the lesson that can be applied to almost all of the merde hitting the proverbial fan with this and all retrograde Mercury's - it's shows us the error of our ways and, if we're lucky like another friend of mine, a woman with Ninja-like reflexes who actually ducked under a tractor trailer making an illegal turn and that would have killed her had she not been a super heroine, if we're lucky and we live through the storm du merde that is this Mercury REtrograde, we can become better people because we've seen the error of our ways up close and personal. Or we can be dumb-ass lazy jerks who curse the power outages and social media downtime instead of seeing the error in depending on, well depending on anything external to satisfy you. We have to delight in seeing the error of our ways. WTF? Hmmm. I think I went to far and now I see the error in that sentence. Let’s try that again. Balance, a bit of error of ways seeing, a bit of self-love to keep our Inner Child from throwing a tantrum, and the curling up with a good book!

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