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Before I tell you about the biggest Astro Weather Event to hit the Earth in a long time I would like to thank the wonderful people who have put their money where my mouth is and support my writing here to the tune of US$3.95 a month. Gratitude! And now on to THE SATURN PLUTO CONJUNCTION OF 2019! The planets Saturn in Pluto are five degrees away from each other and both in the sign Capricorn. Saturn is Structure, Discipline, Time, Timing, Doing What You HAVE To Do, Not What You Want To Do. Capricorn is the astrological sign that is "ruled" by the planet Saturn and so Saturn is up their feeling pretty, pretty, pretty good. We all feel this in our psyche as searching for some structure or authority to anchor the free-floating anxious feeling that Neptune in Pisces radiates like an oil fire. Pluto, The little Planet That Could, as in could come back from silly astronomers trying to say it is not a planet, well the planet Pluto is the ruler of the sign Scorpio and it rules POWER! Pluto and Saturn in the sign CAPRICORN is what has given us the clear picture of the monopolies that have been allowed to eat the life out of the Middle Class and the smaller businesses in all aspects of society but especially the Social Media Town Square. You can expect the governments of the world to take serious action in 2019 to rein in or, as they did to AT&T many years ago, to force them to break apart into separate companies. This should be in the planning stages now and I will be very surprised if the power plays are not being run starting in April/May and then the screws will really be tightened in October, never a great month for the stock market anyway. So, if what I'm saying is true, should you “short" the stocks of the monopolies for those times? Well, if you can afford to lose the money, give it a try. We have had to work too hard to be gambling with our precious resources when this year is, to me, not the Year of the Pig, but the year of the SHTF. There's an old saying in investing, "Bulls make money, Bears make money, Pigs get slaughtered." it's a horrible saying but you get what they're trying to say and it will be especially true this year. A mitigating factor could be that Jupiter in Sagittarius is going to be semi-sexytile to this Saturn/Pluto conjunction so maybe this will be a good thing for most of us? It can also mean that fortunes will be made, as they are always made by the smart and the lucky, even during recessions and depressions. I'll be writing a lot more about this aspect because I want to help you navigate the coming year.

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