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Life’s been good to me…so far!

Finally, a break in the clouds of emotion and a break in the confusion we've all been laboring under. It is traditional in the 5,000 year history of astrology to associate the day the Sun, when looked at from Earth and projected against the backdrop of the signs of the Zodiac, is on the same degree of the zodiac as Jupiter, the Bringer of Good Fortune. Short version, it's y/our lucky day! At the very least, it's a day of optimism and a respite from the heavy, out-of-the-depths-of-our-being sadness that can wash over even the most optimistic or unemotional person and it's not just because it's the holiday season with all the memories. To find out why I say that, read my post from yesterday. But today we get a break. Speaking of breaks, not only is the Sun conjunct Jupiter but Mars is squaring it so be careful of being OVER optimistic and taking risks or otherwise scratching your rash behavior itch. To find out more about that you can read my post a couple of posts below this one. If you don't feel particularly lucky, then you can read my post below the other two that starts with gratitude for our ability to see and/or hear. I feel lucky every day I get to alert you all to what is going on astrologically. I don't feel right when I don't share what I know because it's like I am a miser when I have something that could be of use and thanks to social media and the internet is easily shared and if I don't share it what does that say about me? Well, sometimes that I’m busy In Real Life, traveling, or otherwise having a good time.

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