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It is a time of compassion and charity

The Astro Weather we're all experiencing is not easy to put into words, but it is a lot harder still for us all to be experiencing so I have to give it a try. If you had waves of sadness come over you, not necessarily "bad" sadness, if there is such a thing, but the kind of sadness that is born of blessed memories of people, pets, places and times gone by, congratulations! You’re in the flow of this weekend’s Astro Weather Energy Matrix. The Sun's entrance into the sign Pisces in February is the darkest, coldest part of the Northern Hemisphere’s winter, a time when those who are strong and those who have are asked to share with those who are not strong enough for the cold and/or have not been lucky enough to have their supplies last the whole winter. It is a time of compassion and charity. Of course, it's Thanksgiving and that brings with it the memories of all of our Thanksgivings, or at least for those of us who live in countries who have such a holy day. But if astrology works, and I believe it does, even those who were not just having dinner with their families and friends and reminiscing are feeling the planet Neptune going stationary direct in its "home" sign of Pisces, the sign it rules. I was born on a Neptune "station," and I think that it is the sign of someone who is intuitive to the point where one day he will develop the ability we call "psychic," or at least that's been the case with me. Perhaps my being born on a Neptune station like we have going on today is the reason that I take the precious minutes out of my life to write these essays whose purpose is to be compassionate and caring and to try to alleviate the suffering of those who would experience hardships that I believe can be prevented by heeding my Astro Weather Reports. It's my charity work, to be sure, but I get a lot out of doing it, too, and not just my having become a really fast typist and a pretty good communicator. But Pisces is probably the most complex of all the twelve signs of the zodiac and we now have, in addition to the above mentioned (and mentioned and mentioned!) Neptune station on the 14th degree of Pisces, we have Mars on the 6th degree of Pisces and the comet Chiron there, too. So these three massive and powerful emanates of gravitational waves are all dancing through a particular part of the birth chart of each and every person now alive, "transiting" your chart is how we astrologers refer to those planets. And in that slice of life, that House or Houses of your chart in which they are transiting, they set off the trip wires associated with that house or those houses. In my case, Chiron is smack dab on my Moon in my Eighth House (sex, power, mystery, death, resurrection) for like the third time because of retrograde motion. If I was in another business that would be a big problem for me but since I'm in the awareness business I haven't had too many bouts of despair, anger and frustration at the inevitability of death and my difficult childhood experience with my mentally ill mother - this Thanksgiving being the anniversary of her death. Despair, anger and frustration, plus the reality of death, my old Piscean friends, were all there with me today, though. However, knowing I'm not the only one helped me climb out of that snake pit I allowed myself to fall into. And so I'm passing on the info to y'all in the hope that we can all avoid the self-pity party that A LOT of people we encounter over the next couple of days will be having, whether they know it or not. At least we'll know it and then we can use some Piscean compassion to cut them some slack or to get our butts away from them. Face it, life is not for the faint of heart and Neptune Stations are force multipliers of that fact. Have a wonder-filled and compassionate weekend of sensitivity, fantasy, idealism and merging with the Infinite (all ruled by Neptune and Pisces)! And give to a charity whose work you believe in, charity is also totally Neptune in Pisces. One day at a time.

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