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a question of balance

Life, as you know, is a question of balance. Most spiritual practices have as their goal the attainment of a balanced state, the "middle way" of Buddhism, the "contentment in all circumstances" spoken of by Sri Yukteswar, guru of Paramahansa Yogananda, the first Indian spiritual master to leave his home country and travel around the world spreading his message of universal love. Each of us has an astrological birth chart, the map of how the Sun, Moon and planets lined up around your personal Nativity Scene at the moment you drew your first breath. Your chart is a hologram of the energy matrix emanating from the planets at the moment of that breath, it's really very cool IMHO! Your astrology birth chart looks like a pizza with 12 slices, each of those slices is called a "house" of the chart and each house is associated with a "slice of life," aspects of our life in the world, what we astrologers call "mudane" from the Latin "mundus," meaning The World. When you see your personal chart/pizza pie, there appears to be a bunch of toppings distributed unevenly around it, some slices have a topping and a bunch don't. Well, now we come to the unbalanced feeling that we all have and cannot shake, though we can get better and better at living with it - we humans are quite adaptable! The outer planets of our solar system, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter, are in signs of the zodiac that put them all on one side of the solar system. And now the inner planets, what we astrologers call "the personal planets" are on this same half of the zodiac. What does this mean? Well, imagine that here's your chart and if we overlay where all the planets are in the sky right now, they fall in one half of your chart and not the other. This means that the planets in your natal chart and the houses they occupy which are being "transited," visited by the planets in the sky now are at the very least activating your consciousness about the mundane matters symbolized by the houses in which the planets in the sky are transiting. I hope that is clear and makes sense. I'm teaching you a very important aspect of astrology. So one half of your personal pizza pie astrology chart is where all the action is and the other half, not so much. So in your chart, the houses that host the signs (the cheeses on your pizza?) Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius,, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces and Aries, are highlighted. If you have planets in those signs in your birth chart, one or more of the planets in the sky, the transiting planets, have passed over them, conjuncted them, which is the strongest aspect/angle in terms of energy blending and bending. The slow moving planets especially kick our butts if we don’t learn the lessons they “incline” us to experience. Now I'm not saying the other signs are nodding off, far from it, but the other signs are getting the conjunction up close and personal "action" from this unbalanced planetary lineup as angles/aspects to their natal chart. In English, that means other people are getting pinged by the planets and you're having to deal with them post-ping. BOTTOM LINE: But EVERYONE has all the planets now in the sky occupying only one half of their chart, hence the unbalanced feeling tone we are all feeling. All of us. It unites us and it cries out to us to have compassion for ALL of our fellow creatures, including the people all too many people are shamelessly and cruelly dehumanizing the way the National Socialist Party (NAZI) of 1930's Germany dehumanized the Jewish people. I’m not just saying this. I know people who are afraid to say what they believe! As an astrologer, and Aquarius and an American I find that intolerable. I am doing what I can to right this wrong. No one deserves to feel like they are less than. Astrology shows us how similar we are and how different we are and I hope that everyone who reads my work gets a grip on their emotions, as unbalanced as they might be feeling right now, and stops dehumanizing people, yes, even him. True spirituality and kindness and creativity are easy to spot in a person because they leave no room in a person's soul for violence and hate to be expressed.

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