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a potentially very lucky time!

There are so many planets and important astrological points changing sign that it is easy, wait, make that it is imperative for everyone to get in touch with how they feel lost and how they feel found or what they've lost and what they've found. You get the idea, or maybe you don’t.

If this sounds a bit confusing, that is the whole point. When you have as many planets and sensitive astro points changing signs in a few days, which is what is going on right now, it is easy to feel like you're surfing and/or wiping out, whipsawed this way and that, or otherwise feel untethered to your usual moorings. Like you’ve lost the plot. Like you’re confused. You might even get lost even using your GPS! Don’t laugh, it happens!

As I've written about for a while, the planet of revolution, Uranus, on the USA's election day retrograded from it's since-May sojourn in the sign Taurus and back into the warlike sign of Aries, a potent combination for revolution.

Tomorrow, Friday, the planet Jupiter moves into its home sign of Sagittarius for a year or so!!!!!! This is archetypal GOOD LUCK, people!!!!

Note: Babies born this coming year will have THREE planets in their home signs, a VERY big deal to this astrologer. The aforementioned Jupiter in Sag, Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces!! OMG, these babies are going to be very different. And if they're born during the times when Venus is in Libra (now!) or in Taurus or when Mercury is in Virgo or Gemini they will have FOUR planets in their home signs. So cool!!!!

BOTTOM LINE: It's an AMAZING time to be alive and if you're reading this YOU ARE BLESSED TO BE ALIVE NOW, astrologically speaking and otherwise. So meditate on the words Lost and Found and Grace and how sweet the sound of daily life really is if you remember to live like everything is a miracle.

Astro Info: Uranus moving into Aries produced the most surprising thing, a US election that actually calmed the contentiousness by showing people how we can all win and lose at the same time, the way we all do every day. It feels different here in the USA now after the election, better.

Amy and I were out and about and had some great conversations with people on all sides of the political spectrum. Maybe it's my beret and Amy’s beautiful style and purple hair but EVERYONE tells us EVERYTHING! Maybe its because they can feel that we respect everyone we meet as an incarnation of the Divine, which we find is a great way to live. Amazing Grace, like Love, is a verb, you do it.

Oh, and I almost forgot, the lunar nodes are now North Node in Cancer and South Node in Capricorn, yet another reason it's going to feel less crazy for a while. So take your time, know that they changes, lost feeling you feel is appropriate and real, and be gentle with yourself as you feel your way into this exciting and potentially very lucky time. And buy one of our books here - I'm pushing my luck!!!! ;-

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