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I'm not always right but I'm right A LOT

I posted this a couple of weeks ago and it didn't get the attention I thought and think it deserves so since Election Day is this Tuesday, here it is again and it's worth re-reading: Election day is LIKE GETTING A POTTED CACTUS AS A GIFT, BE AWARE OF THE NEEDLES!

Those of you who read my daily posts know that I've been droning on about the planet Uranus (how we grow when the SHTF, sudden change, out of the blue crappola, how we make our lives interesting, FREEDOM!) having moved into the sign of Taurus (sign of Let's Not Be Too Hasty, Let's Enjoy The Beauty of Things As They Are) and I hope that it is obvious why traditional astrologers feel that Uranus is not a happy planet when it is making its approximately seven year passage through the sign of Taurus. The thing is, I forgot to mention that Uranus was going to dip its massive "toe" back into the sign of Aries, which it passed through for seven years, and it is going to do its toe dip exactly on the day that the mid-term elections are held here in the USA (CITIZENS OF THE USA, VOTE! You've got to be in it to win it! Or, if that doesn't float your vote, You've got to vote if you want to complain about our participatory representative democracy/republic ((not a straight democracy)) ) Coincidence? Maybe, but most of the people who read my daily astro weather reports are people who will tell you "There's no such thing as a coincidence.” So what does it mean for you? Well, think back to the feeling tone of that special brand of crazy the way things were in the entire seven year span preceding May 15, 2018, the day Uranus went into Taurus. I know, it was different then, right? Well, from election day (in the USA) until March 6, 2019, everything old is new again, so to speak. For those of you outside the USA, November 6th should manifest as the strangest sense of relief of tension you've experienced in a long time. It will be like adjusting clothes that are too tight on you, they're still tight but at least they're not binding and chafing you. I suppose it will be like that here in the USA, too, but having Election Day on a day when Uranus changes signs fairly screams EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED! Uranus takes 80 years to go around the solar system/zodiac so after March it will be all Taurus, all the time for seven years or so, the feeling tone being like it's been since May, a different kind of simmering Uranus in Taurus. Aries is the other name for Mars, the god of war. I'm not saying that there's going to be a war, though there unfortunately always is a war somewhere. So this election is going to be quite a battle - I hope there are no hanging chads (look it up, you won't believe it!) And the Sun being in Scorpio trining Neptune in its home sign of Pisces exactly on that day actually bodes well for all of us because trines are good and that is an idealistic, artistic, and lovely aspect that happens twice a year. The signs involved are both water signs and so there will be a lot of emotion flowing. You will notice that I am not making any predictions here of which side or ideology will prevail, who will win the House of Representatives or the US Senate. I have an opinion, of course, but as we all know, opinions are like noses and they all smell. Mine is guided by astrology and my psychic imagination, but no one cares what I think nor should they, unless they're coming to me as a client and want to know how to invest, in which case I'll tell them. I'm not always right but I'm right A LOT more than I'm wrong. I told people here for free to get out of the market and into cash a few weeks ago and several days later the market started its correction cycle, which it is still in. I've been right in every election since I've gone public as a psychic astrologer tarot reader. I even picked the San Francisco Giants to win the World Series the year that they did, as I was reminded the other night (I had forgotten!) Past performance is no guarantee of future accuracy, of course, but I'm pretty damn sure I'm right this time, too. Here's the link for booking a reading with me.

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