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I derive my daily advice columns from looking at the planetary lineup the way a clock-maker looks into the inner workings of a clock. There are a lot of moving parts, i.e., the planets and the signs they are in and the angles they made to each other. It's quite an intricate array. I point this out because more often than not, there are A LOT of energy "gears" at work that you would think would cancel each other out, but that's not the way I see it most of the time. I think we are all complex beings and those of us who can function In Real Life (IRL in computer speak) can do so because we can filter out the energies that we believe can interfere with a goal we have at any given moment. I often think that those who we consider "on the spectrum" are actually picking up more of the spectrum of real energies that the rest of us have the luxury of being able to filter out because I would imagine that having the full spectrum of energies coming out at me would be overwhelming, though I can't really say that I have the slightest idea what people on the spectrum are really going through. But back to THINK BIG TODAY, the planet Mercury is EXACTLY conjunct the planet Jupiter, both in the sign of Scorpio, so THINK BIG and THINK SEXY BIG and THINK BIG MAGIC and THINK ABOUT YOUR POWER! We are all challenged, however, to do all this BIG THINKING while still feeling a bit emotional or emotionally depressed or, at the very least, uncomfortable with your emotions, especially about expressing them. There are other energies at play here but if you can THINK BIG or COME TO AN AGREEMENT about either TRANSFORMING or ENDING a situation that has DEPRESSED you for a while, then you are totally using the energies of the planets and aspects I've delineated tonight. It's a great day to make plans to change you life (Scorpio is all about change, sex, power, magic.) So join my free Facebook Group and learn my QUANTUM AFFIRMATIONS technique for transforming your life. IT WORKS!

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