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Before I'm accused of giving people false hope, I have to point out that just because something is possible doesn't mean that it is likely. That being said, I will, at the end of this essay, point you to a method for nudging yourself through the space-time continuum to get to a desired space-time. It can be done and I've done it so I know of what I speak. I love to quote Sir Thomas Huxley, scientist grandfather of writer Aldous Huxley of "Brave New Worlds" fame, who said, "I'm too muck a skeptic not to believe that anything is possible." He said this during the time of Darwin, whose theory he supported, and by doing so showed a prescient puncturing of the space-time continuum, himself, bleeding through time and picking up on the "probable futures" concept conceived by the Quantum Mechanics pioneers like Einstein and Niels Bohr. One day it occurred to me that Time was the resistance to everything happening at the same time. I felt so proud of myself for figuring this out until I read that Einstein had said it long ago. I still feel good that I came to the same conclusion as this amazing man. I have engineered my life so that I get to think about stuff and I’d now like to share with you what I hope will be what I’m remembered for when I go to that great social media nexus in the quantum field. For those of you who don’t know about or are still puzzled by and with Quantum Mechanics or Quantum Physics, you are in good company. Niels Bohr famously said, "If quantum mechanics hasn't profoundly shocked you, you haven't understood it yet.” Here is a great example of why Quantum Physicists sound more like shamans than scientists. It is the slit-screen experiment of Quantum Physics that proved that matter is conscious!!!! (there are not enough exclamation points to show how I feel about this!) Light behaved differently if there was an observer to the experiment!! It proved that if a tree falls in the forest and there's no one there to hear it, if falls DIFFERENTLY than if someone was there to here it!!! The Quantum Mechanics concept that shows anything is possible is that of "probable futures." Implied in this moment are numerous possible futures, some more probable than others. It's a variation on Murphy's Law, "What can go wrong will go wrong." Except with probable futures, we're saying "What can happen IS happening in the Quantum Field, the scientific version of The Akashic Record, the totality of all things that could have, could be, and might be happening in the future. Included in that future could be...well, anything! Hence, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Astro wise, we're reminded about this by Mercury coming into conjunction with Jupiter, both in the late degrees of Scorpio. And the wackiness of the concept is a perfect way for us all to experience the opposition of Uranus/Taurus to The Sun and Venus, both also in Scorpio. So to tackle the delicate subject of healing and to go all the way to spontaneous healing, I must first say that those things are possible but they are not likely nor can they be depended on. I'm a great believer in Western, Chinese, Ayurvedic and complimentary medicines. I believe that weeds are plants for whom their use has not been realized yet. But with all the disclaimers, Quantum Mechanics postulates not only probable futures but possible pasts, as well! They consider time to be fluid, so that what you do now affects not only the future but the past, too! How's that for intense Karma!!! So if probable futures and probable pasts and Time being fluid are all scientific truths, then it is possible to connect yourself to a probable past in which the conditions that were necessary for your present illness to arise are not present (in the past, sorry) and so you would not have a reason for your now present illness to exist in the present moment. This is the Monte Farber Quantum Affirmations explanation for the documented phenomena of spontaneous healing. If you’re interested in my Quantum Affirmations take on how to navigate your being to the probable future you want to be living in, I have a free Facebook Group you can check out and I also have a book/eBook (all flavors!) called, not surprisingly, QUANTUM AFFIRMATIONS!

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