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The Astro Weather Energy Matrix inclines us to feel a free-floating sense of disappointment, by which I mean that you might not have a concrete reason to be disappointed today or as disappointed as you have been in the past, but just don't be down on yourself or anyone you encounter who is disappointed. Don't try and "fix" them or you, for that matter. "Don't push the river," is always good advice and there are a bunch of disappointing rocks and eddies at this point in our life's stream, or so the stars are inclining today. It won't last more than one or two days. So if friends family co-workers employers landlords companies products etc let you down, take refuge in your search for finding personal peace in this crazy world where so many people we know and love are not well and in difficulties or leaving us. There's not much we can do about much of what we know, especially here in the 21st Century when the ills of the world are clamoring for our attention 24/7 without let up. Peace must be sought, peace is a verb, and peace is possible if you want it to be. Don't try and figure out why you feel disappointed today, don't dwell on it. You'll be glad you didn't and so will those around you because you won't be out of sorts or sullen or in bed with the covers pulled up. Or not. I hope I'm wrong and that you have the best day of your life. That, of course, is possible, too. Each person's chart is completely unique in its energy interactions. Peace.

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