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get your financial house in order

On a visit to one of the great plantations that surround New Orleans, Amy and I learned why beds of that time history and even later had two carved pineapples on their headboards.

The tradition was that when you came as a guest you were given a pineapple and when the home owners thought that it was time for you to leave they gave you a second pineapple! Hint, hint!

It is time for the smart money to leave the plantation, the gambling casino that goes by various names, The Equities Markets, Commodities, the Bond Market, ETF's, SPYDRs, Stocks, whatever. I may be wrong, but the astro weather says take your profits and move into cash and whatever you think you can actually use, barter or sell, not just digits or pieces of paper.

Full Disclosure: I don't have any investments - Amy Zerner and I invest in ourselves and our projects and it's paid off - but I advise people who do and though they don't necessarily do everything that I tell them to do, they respect my advice because they’ve made money based on my predictions. I've been right more than I've been wrong.

As anyone who knows how real gambling casinos work, all it takes for the Casino, The House, to make all that money that Casinos make, is for them to win just a bit more than they loose. Yes, those giant casinos and the cheap food on the strip are funded by the House’s small percentage.

For those of you who are like us and don't have investments the Astro Weather Energy Matrix is all about getting your financial house in order. It's also good for negotiating a fair deal, anything doing with The Arts, and even spending a bit of money on fixing something up, restoring, etc.

FORWARD LOOKING NOTICE: In eight days we are going to be back in that astro weather where all the planets are on one half of the solar system and there's no planets at all on the other, so it's good to take this time for doing a deep dive into everything that you need to live and thrive and get that all together before you worry about the icing on the cake, it's make or break, make the cake and bake the cake time, ice it later. And yes, I STILL THINK THINGS ARE GETTING BETTER!!!

To every thing there is a season and a time for every purpose under Heaven and it is now, astrologically, time to cash out, actually have the money you’ve supposedly “made” that is only on paper, and sit on the sidelines for a while, at least until you have rested and feel like getting back into the investment/gambling paradigm. Investing is gambling and I don’t care what anyone says. You shouldn’t invest with money you can’t afford to lose. I don’t have any money that I can afford to lose, I’ve worked too hard for it, hence, no investments. Logical, in fact, astro-logical! ;-)

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