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be careful what you desire

I find astrology to be most useful on a personal level when I view it as a psychological language. Yes, I can make predictions that benefit us on a practical level but if you are not right with yourself and your relationships, what good is having material goods? Now, in my psychological language approach to astrology I see the planet Venus as being How We Attract What We Desire. You can also see it as How (whether or not) We Desire What We Attract, so be careful what you desire. In a woman's chart, Venus can indicate how you feel about Attraction, Desire (including being on the receiving end of someone else's desire), Beauty, Being A Woman, and everything else associated with Love, Loving, Harmony, Graciousness, and, wait for it, since we're talking about Venus going Stationary Retrograde in Scorpio, SEX! Since this is 2018, Venus in a woman’s chart can also indicate the kind of woman a woman wants to have as a partner. In a man’s chart, Venus can symbolize the kind of woman a man wants to have as a partner. In my case, I have Venus in Aquarius so I want a woman who is what I consider to be the highest expression of Aquarius, the sign of genius, and that is precisely what I have in my beloved, my Amy Zerner, who it is easy to see is a world class genius artist and fashion designer. Of course, Venus in Aquarius’ parameters are met when the person one desires is different, futuristic, friendly, eccentric, technical, scientific and all the other Aquarian and Uranian traits. Since Venus rules the signs of Libra and Taurus, Venus does double duty as the planet of being gracious in the fulfillment of obligations and contracts and the money (Taurus!) and things money can buy that result from agreements that are honored. When Venus goes retrograde, however, it is time to turn your Venusian Love Light inward and get to know how pretty and handsome and kind and nice and attractive and loving and wealthy you really are. If you have a problem with that, then you need to do this more than I can say. Seriously. I am ASTOUNDED at how people can be so down on themselves. THIS is the explanation of how people can be so down and mean and disrespectful of other people, they hate themselves. You may think that when people treat other people as objects to be manipulated it's all narcissistic behavior and I'm sure there's plenty of that, but I'm talking about NICE people with terrible self-images, addicted to self-deprecation, thinking it's humble, pious, in tune with religion. And then they get caught up in some situation where they feel justified in projecting onto and taking out on another person what they are usually doing to themselves and it can get pretty ugly.

Well I say BULL SHIT to that. I am sick of Dark Ages religious fakery and any religion that wants to dim your light and keep you from being "puffed up" is part of the problem, not part of the solution. Take the next six weeks, Venus goes direct on November 16th, and have a little love affair with yourself. I’m not saying do it to the exclusion of sharing your love with others. I’m saying that if you can use this time to go within and love the person you are just the way you are, it will make your relationships better and, if you want a new one, you will be the best possible “you” for your new partner to meet. Do the math. If you don’t like yourself, you’ll think anyone who likes you is an idiot and you’ll push them away and attract people who agree with your negative self-image. That’s logical, right? Now you know what to do. Do it.

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